A much more exciting perspective of current politics, based on the result of the UK Election today, June 9th, 2017.


Not for the first time we have a “Hung Parliament” in the UK, defined when no political party has enough seats to secure an overall majority. For all the Conservatives have the largest number of seats, it’s a failure for the campaign of Strong and Stable Government. The morning afterwards brought two novel situations

  • Boris Johnson has not yet said anything
  • Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, proposed that Labour could operate a minority government with votes being cast on the intrinsic quality of the issues rather than the usual confrontational power politics.

The imminent need for Brexit resolution set against the backroom deals necessary to keep any consortium in power means that the legislative system is not just hung, but well hung! It presents a vivid confirmation of a system that is not fairly serving everyone in the nation, yet would seem likely to improve against the uneven playing field subtended by a shadow government, as exists world-wide. (Yes this happens when you have global banking system that is privately owned. You can check that out quite easily!) The old joke of “whoever you vote for, the government still gets in” is alive and well. Whatever bunch of unlikely bedfellows the government turns out to be, it’s going to hard to operate sustainably with the possibility of reliving the circus of media manipulation that is a general election.

However if you were to consider the changing state of world politics, there are more timelines of monumental changes that are very imminent, yet hardly anyone knows about them. They are not in lamestream media, and even if they were, we have been subtly conditioned to not believe, and not check out the facts that exist.

Our current pre-occupation with the parliamentary sham becomes less worrisome when compared with momentous world events that are about to unfold. No doubt most will hail this with deprecating tones, but it’s so close now that we just need to wait and see when/if it happens. Consider these:-

USA Incorporated has been replaced by the original USA Republic which means the end of the evil Federal Reserve, general corruption at home and abroad, abuses of military power, education, health and the rest
The Global Currency Reset (GCR) was signed by 209 countries in 2015 at the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and is expected to be introduced in the coming days?. It will bring about a fairer valuation of world currencies and trigger a tsunami of funding for humanitarian and environment projects. An increase in money supply will accompany, meaning more jobs, sales transactions and general freedom.
The implications of the long awaited GCR, powered by an ancient source of Asian gold underwriting the world’s new currency relationships, have become so powerful it has acted as a lever to force settlements of the world’s most contentious problems. It has been announced that there is A Palestine / Israel treaty of mutual recognition and peace. There are other agreements.
Trump, Netanyahu and Abbas of Palestine have all agreed to resign, once the agreement is announced. If any treaties are broken, then those countries will not be allowed to continue in the new world fairer and prosperous financial system.
A new form of NESARA / GESARA government has been agreed by international treaty which will involve forgiveness of debt and prosperity packages for all!
We are about to witness disclosures about extra-terrestrial involvement on Earth and beyond. The bad guys have largely been taken out and the good guys will show up with Free energy technology, devices which will manifest food, healing for human bodies. The CIA originated the “Conspiracy Theory” retort particularly in response to this truth.
And it continues, bigger and stranger, with a tipping point of higher human consciousness emerging, some say around the forthcoming Summer Solstice.

If there is truth in any of this, we just have to wait and see, but it’s interesting how all the time lines are in parallel!

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