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who would benefit from EcoLifeWalks?

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For Whom is the Course Designed?

  •  People who feel the need for more joy in their lives and
  • who feel or believe that there must be more to life.
  • Those who feel the need to be on their own for a while
  • who embrace the prospect of a degree of transformation
  • Those without unstable emotional or addiction problems
  • Who are open-minded and capable of feeling will get most benefit.
  • Major medication may limit access to your feelings
  • Even you are not capable of feeling, you are still welcome
  • People who are prepared to suspend their disbelief
  • and have a sense of excitement about a deliberate future
  • You need to be reasonably fit to go on guided walks
  • Coursework is based on awareness and evaluation of feelings
  • While these is no psychological delving if you are undergoing counselling, consult with your advisor
  • If in doubt, please speak to us before booking


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