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The EcoLifeWalks content is powerful and increasingly exciting as you go down the list, especially  if you want to involve at the Advanced level, where the real treasure lies. However anyone with an open mind is welcome to come at whichever level they feel comfortable at. We trust, that in taking part, you will move beyond the level of your arrival. Where do you figure on this scale?
We will cater TO YOUR LEVEL!


I’m either not particularly fit or aware, or both, but am open minded and interested in a combination of Experiences and Insights that will help me towards understanding how I can make my life happier.


I’m quite fit and/or know a bit about how I feel. Again with an open mind I am up for learning how the nature energy of the biosphere tours can put me in touch with the feeling system that is my key to a fulfilling life.


I know something about the Insights and Processes and see the package Experiences as a splendid opportunity to enjoy biosphere trips while extending my inner connections en-route to making my life the way I want it.


I’m quite familiar with the Insights and Processes and see how the connection with nature can help me to continue my progress in a way that I know works for me.


I’m ready and prepared to explore the ADVANCED level that discovers easily accessible routes to Heart and DNA connection. I know enough already that these areas are the key to my personal power. I believe that spending 5 days, learning how to extend them, provides a permanent bonus, even over the visits to awesome places! (Make no mistake, at this level, if you feel you are ready, we are working towards 5th Dimensional Consciousness and a Rejuvenation that comes with perfect health, looking a LOT younger, Akashic knowledge and much more! Seriously!)