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INTELLIGENCE is knowing when NOT to automatically reject information that you know nothing about, which may be of BENEFIT TO YOU

Yes, It’s a long page but I think you’ll find it’s worth a read!

We live in special times, even though the great majority of humans do not yet realise it. They understand that the world is not a perfect place, but then shrug into attitudes such as, “Well that’s just the way it is!” The term Sheeple was coined to describe masses who are unaware of their heinous deception. They struggle to make a living and take their mind off actualities by burying their senses in controlled mass media, designed to keep them in fear and doubt. In doing this they avert any possibility waking to the reality of how magnificent is their potential. Meanwhile they are working and producing for the benefit of unknown controllers who themselves hide behind the obedient politicians they buy, bribe and blackmail to fulfil their orders.

Consider this scenario, as though it’s a movie plot, although The Matrix comes close.

A devious, intelligent and technically superior group genetically manipulate some people into a basic state whereby they can be controlled. They sell themselves as Gods by their superior capabilities and fix the DNA so that control can be affected by dogma, sound, electronic waves, mind control, propaganda, fear, media, education, food and low esteem, and more. The degree of dumbing down is such that, if asked if that process could ever take place, there is automatic denial and ridicule at the mere idea. The standard responses would be, “They wouldn’t do that” or “That can’t be right or we would have read about it in the papers or heard it on the TV”!

Does this feel familiar? The dastardly kicker is in controlling the mind to the degree that it denies it has been controlled. It’s really a form of slavery without physical containment. Do you notice your automatic denial of the suggestion that you live in a form of slavery?

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There is enough evidence at large for an awake sensible person to deduce all is not ideal in the world we live in. Presumably you have heard of the following?

  • Nearly all the World’s central Banks are privately owned. (The ones that aren’t are the focus of wars)
  • tons and tons of evidence that 9/11 was an inside job
  • The BBC reported the neat collapse of a third 9/11 building, on live TV, 45 mins before it happened
  • Satanic and Paedophile Activity in the Vatican. Pope forgiving the guilty
  • Hollywood and cesspit of sexual molestation and control
  • Building leaky pipelines through Sacred Native American Land
  • Monsanto forcing genetically modified food on the world
  • Felling of the Amazon and oil pollution
  • Pacific Ocean Radioactivity from man-made disaster at Fukushima
  • Heads of Government such as Trump and May
  • Selective reporting by Mainstream media with similar scripts
  • Damage to humans by phone masts and Wi-Fi devices
  • Weather manipulation by HAARP and Chemtrails
  • Destruction of Ancient artefacts in Iraq and Syria
  • Government bought by Military Industrial Complex
  • Vast amounts of money unaccounted for
  • Money always available for Military projects and wars but not for social necessities

The above list is focussing on negative matters and you may think it’s all hopeless. You despair at what you can do.

There are positive changes in progress and/or in the offing. It is a matter of choice whether you choose to put your energy into transformation or not. Consider the following Really Good News:

  • There is an increase in human awareness which makes an impression on the ability to become more awake (as in the hundredth monkey effect)
  • The Schumann Resonance, the background vibration level of the planet, historically always around 7.83Hz, has hugely increased. As humans we are connected to Mother Earth, so this increased frequency has an effect on raising our consciousness, or at least being disposed to considering it!
  • We are in the process of seeing a Global Currency Reset whereby the world will have a new monetary system based on a fair and representative value for a nation’s currency. This will remove the control of the Cabal’s ability to dominate governments, military, education, health etc
  • There will follow what is known as NESARA / GESARA; a fairer system of government with noxious debt forgiveness and a whole new system of government, respecting humanity and the kingdoms of nature
  • There is a Galactic Federation of higher consciousness beings who are now assisting human and planetary evolution, now that there is a tipping point of people who are consciously aware and inviting such help.
  • Human DNA is now being upgraded from the basic two-strand system that has held us in subjugation and limited ability.

At a personal level, we can take part in this rejuvenation process by the following

  • Using our intelligence to engage awareness of how the status quo has been limiting our being
  • This awareness will help us to notice when we automatically accept Fake news and Deception, rather than pausing to consider that it may not be the truth. We have been conditioned into accepting a version of history and reality without checking out the truth. An open mind may allow us the chance to place incoming information in a “definite May-be” category without rejecting it automatically. Enough of these items together will help us to see the bigger picture and realise the emerging truth.
  • Clearing our blocked emotional body can give us access to a body centred knowing, beyond the constraints of conditioned mind, bogus history, Fake News and artificial intelligence. This process also brings about a healing of belief which, in turn, affects our own manifestation system that attracts to us situations that are a match to our own inner vibe. It may sound crazy, but humans are natural manifestors. It’s just that the default disposition of our negative emotional body attracts situations of an equivalent vibration. Thus fear and dwelling on negativity actually enhances the likelihood of that event to appear in our lives. Once we realise this and learn to upgrade the way we feel, then it’s as though our luck changes and things we want begin to come about. If you use the feeling system properly, it does work. You can prove it to yourself.

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