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one of the most important stages in our transformation

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The Healing of BeliefThe Healing of Belief is one of the most fundamental areas to address in your journey to higher consciousness. It is an important component of any Spiritual getaway or Spiritual Retreat!

Our upbringing normally does not make any formal reference to our belief system although this disposition becomes a major factor in what determines our life. Examining our belief system, with a view to making changes, is one of the most important stages in our transformation.

What is The Healing of Belief?

Belief healing is a very subtle business and does require a form of awakening, in the first place, to even be able to consider the topic. First of all there is the realisation that we have a belief system at all. It helps when we begin to understand that this has become a filter for our life opportunities, behaviour, responses to and expectations of life. On top of that it may occur to us that our assembled data bank of tenets was a ramshackle gathering of agreements and dispositions, with very little in the way of formal validation or review. The Healing of Belief takes place intentionally or subconsciously as, through our awareness we begin to realise that what we feel is different to what we find ourselves thinking or being. The course of life itself may cause you to heal your belief gradually, or you can do it from a position of awareness and intention, knowing that there is vital benefit in power, direction, potential, freedom, happiness, abundance; all the good stuff!

It’s not a regular happening.

Healing our belief is not something which is an established part of our life pattern such as periodically taking the car in to see if it’s working properly. We do have medical check-ups but not everyone does this unless prompted by a stimulus like an insurance policy or the feeling that there may be something wrong. However, in these days where the glimmer of human consciousness is expanding exponentially, we are becoming aware that the world is not as we would like it to be. For all we have tolerated situations and explanations, we are beginning to regard as unacceptable, things like political corruption, pollution of the planet, Massive arms investment against world poverty, and the identification of a heinous control system that is beginning to spring leaks.

Things are not what they seem!

As our empathy and feelings of dissatisfaction grow and we meet more likeable folks who think the same way, natural affiliations come about and our list of Facebook friends takes on a new direction and we may even make separate groups to share stuff only with people who are open to receiving it. The more we team up with kindred spirits, the more they confirm and expand our new premonitions as to the way forward. We develop a strength and power so that when we announce our dissent with a system or a happening, we feel a sense of righteous satisfaction together with the realisation that together we can make a difference in our communities, for starters! As we build our confidence in having the right to stand up and take the power to say no, we gain a greater general insight that the whole of our society seems to have inbuilt flaws that governments never seem to change, no matter for whom we vote.

Taking Time Out

It helps if we are not totally embroiled in the system of goals, schedules, transactions built around the fear holding onto what we have achieved. Especially now that technologies bring transactions into every hour of our day, our minds are totally pre-occupied by thoughts pertaining to business and personal objectives, as though there is no other way of achieving them but by allowing our consciousness to be dominated during all our waking time. This is why retreats and escapes became popular. I know because I’ve run holistic holidays since 1999 and seen things like yoga holidays become the de facto stress buster. Of course, healing is not the same as a respite. It’s good to get away from a busy and challenging environment and an escape to the sun is very therapeutic. I’ve seen scores of clients come back regularly to recuperate; have their fix of yoga, beach and fun, only to return to the same treadmill. An escape is fine but unless you use that time to consider making changes to the way you live your life, it’s never going to change substantially.

Why would you want to Heal Your Belief?

Once you understand that inner thoughts and feelings have the ability to connect and attract the things you want, it becomes second nature to want to do, be or have much more. In healing your belief, it’s not just about your own life, hugely important though this is. Once, collectively, we start to take actions towards standing up for what we now believe, acting in concert with others, the whole world becomes a different place as consciousness in the unfolding envelope of Gaia, is an irresistible force for change. However, in spite of all this, if we have negative or untrue beliefs within, they will hamper the healing process. It doesn’t take much to realise that the healing of belief really does work and that there is no going back!

Pandora’s Box

Once we open the box of healing our beliefs, there really isn’t any going back. Firstly, once you realise that there is a process which can offer dazzling personal results, there is no reason to not want to take it forward. There is something about embarking on this process that is like a one way valve. You can pause a while, but you can’t return to the original position of comfortable numbness! Furthermore there is a sort of magic switched on by our higher self that generates challenging or opportunistic situations to make a healing change. The beauty of how this works, once you are on your path, is the more you ignore such occurrences, the more they will recur with renewed vigour, to tap you on the shoulder again. Followers of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet would find that she will provide help and advice, but woe betides you if you ignore it. She ups the ante each time she returns. Think of it as our higher self conspiring with the universe to steer us into a healing process, even if our day to day self is unwilling.

Where Does the Healing Come From?

The process is about reducing the gap of who you think you are to who you really are in your ultimate potential. While there is a spiritual component in realising your greater counterparts, the Healing of Belief starts with simpler matters. Essentially our Belief is healed when we stop harbouring and activating untrue and limiting thoughts. For all this may limit your conscious opportunities there is also a spiritual manifestation aspect emanating from the feelings we hold from original negative dramas. These fundamental thought forms reside in the datum level of our belief since most of them moved in, un-noticed during child-hood years. The emotional effect of disappointments, misunderstandings, errors in personal esteem settings and others leaves an emotional scar which is a living energy with creative powers. We can manifest negatively from this. We don’t have to believe it. It will happen anyway and you will pronounce the undesirable outcome of your life to be caused by others. If you don’t like your life, then look at creating it differently.

Thought Forms

Here is where it gets challenging if you’ve never considered that external thought forms exist and you can unwittingly imbibe them as though you originated them yourself. Some of these are like litter which hang around places they are attracted to. Others, not so anonymous may be directed to you by others, sometimes inadvertently, others maliciously. If you live and/or work in a place where negativity abounds, some of this will undoubtedly get through your guard, which has not been briefed about things that do not support your well-being. Of course, once negative thought gets a grip, it is hard to shake off until you become conscious of what is going on. We have ample situations of fear, debt, despondency, ill-health and the like. Sorry to say, we live in a world where this is projected at us intentionally. There is a compound effect whereby the more you dwell on negative thought, usually without realising, it becomes greater by adding the product of your thought to the original feeling position. Part of the belief healing is learning how to reduce or arrest this self sabotage process.


To the basis of what we are told in infant years about the way life works by our parents, who are not always in possession of the whole truth, our churches, our schools, friends and communities, we add frequent top-ups from the media at large. Although the media mix is changing,  it’s hard to avoid newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, cinema, internet and general slogans and hoardings. This would be bad enough if it weren’t for the fact that the majority of the media that catches us, is owned by a very small group who have their interests at heart; not ours! Of course you’ll hardly ever see this sort of material there, but there are plenty of instances where rebuttal and ridicule are aimed at undermining any wakening by humans to the truth of their freedom and potential. Once you become aware of this, particularly in the case of “The News” it is to your advantage to be very selective on the sources and nature of information that you let through your protective filters. At least on the internet you have access to a wider range of data than the Mainstream prescriptions, but discretion is required still in deciphering the junk and misinformation that live there too!

The healing of belief takes place when we identify the recurring obstructive feelings and find ways to update, re-assess and allow the negativity to release, thereby adding a positive resonance and outcome to events that were previously restricting our happiness, creativity, health, fulfilment etc.

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