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Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual Retreats in Lanzarote


Not so long ago the idea of spiritual retreats may bring to mind the notion of a religious event in a monastic setting, no speaking and strict rules of conduct. Hardly most people’s idea of a holiday although those of us who have been on such would not deny their efficacy.

We now live in times where yoga holidays are common place, the lid is flying off about how we have been deceived as to our potential, and the prospect of spiritual retreats promises a religion-free, uplifting empowering time with access to nature and positive philosophies and insights.

EcoLifeWalks has been set up by Stuart Forster, on the back of 15 years of experience in running holistic holidays in Lanzarote where yoga was the main focus. Stuart still credits yoga with a vital place in the spiritual journey, as a prime technique in quietening the mind and a popular way of gaining access to the inner state.

Spirituality with EcoLifeWalks is a combination of human history and how vital secrets have been removed from most religions. It does not involve having to deal with official agents of god or prescribed locations. The only rules are those commonly shared by human kindness, open mindedness and access to the emotional system. In fact if there were to be a rule, it may be don’t believe anything unless you can prove it works for you, (assuming you do what it says on the tin, for the desired outcome!

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