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Spiritual Getaways

Spiritual Getaways, Spiritual Retreats and Life Coaching

Stuart Forster has facilitated Spiritual Getaways on your nearest sunny desert island, (Lanzarote)  since 1999 and has refined EcoLifeWalks to help people to combine a holiday in the sun with finding inner peace, harmony and transformation. Born out of one of the first yoga holiday operators Stuart has changed the content from mere recovery from urban and job stress, to a way of discovering of becoming one with the higher self and realising that we do manifest the outcome of our lives.

A Spiritual Getaway is the new term for a holistic escape where you make time for getting in touch with that often neglected, but vital part of you

The perfect formula, for maximum effectiveness is to offer time slots on a one-to-one basis, or you can come with a friend and halve the cost. The schedule, activities, therapies, placeseateries, wine tasting  are totally to your preference and are blended with a programme of powerful insights, practices and specialist therapies.

Lanzarote is a wonderful biosphere reserve with exceptional beaches and eco-architecture attractions.

If you’re busy right now you can request an email brochure by return, to browse at your leisure.

Above all, a spiritual getaway is also a holiday and we will have fun visiting sensational attractions and places of outstanding beauty. You can learn to surf, play tennis with Stuart, cycle on a nearby desert island, or just take it easy. You decide.

Although EcoLifeWalks is born out of yoga holidays, this is not a dedicated yoga holiday and we go beyond the platform that yoga affords. Yoga can be included informally with Stuart or with a specialist teacher if you require.

There are some accommodation choices offered, like the Oceanside Spa Hotel or the Country House retreat or Stuart will help you select a budget item close to the sea, or a privately owned typical Canarian abode. Flights are easy to get from most major airports and it’s a tolerable direct journey with a short transfer at the sunny end.

There is a choice of packages of 1, 3 or 5 days although 5 days is the best if you want to go through the transformation process of emotional alignment. You can fill out a Booking Enquiry for your choice of dates or ask Stuart a question about anything at all.

You may not be aware but there are massive changes imminent which will allow an increase in consciousness for everyone who is interested to become involved, Spiritual getaways are a great way to allow yourself some time to relax in the sun but returning with much greater benefits that a tan.

Stuart has been on the transformation journey for over 4 decades and will help you towards your particular form and combination of happiness, fulfilment, abundance, health and creativity.

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