A Consciousness Holiday in Lanzarote

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Consciousness Holiday

Consciousness Holiday

Even five years ago it is unlikely that you would find the words consciousness holiday mentioned together. The term consciousness itself would mainly be understood as a form of wakened state as opposed to being knocked out or even dead. The meaning was usually to do with a general state of being alive or awake, but nothing more than that. Very rarely would the word be used in the context of an expanded form of awareness, not mentally based and having access to a connectedness via the body that is able to go beyond the content of the head database, experience and memory.

Most of us would be aware of intuition and gut feeling situations, even the occasional flash of insight, but there has been a turning point such that the term “higher consciousness” is becoming increasingly known as a desirable state available to open-minded humans who are inclined to discover the process of aligning with this ever-present vibrational intelligence that is discernible, once the volume and constancy of mental activity is turned down, or off altogether!

One of the best ways to make headway into your divine right of higher consciousness is to realise the value of a retreat holiday that removes you from limiting situations for a time, to enable a new understanding, sensitivity, and practice to develop.

Since the completion of the 16 billion year cycle of the Mayan Calendar, a new evolutionary chapter began, heralding a new freedom for the people and planet with the outcome being a function of a resultant combined group consciousness grown by individual beings who share common beliefs, aspirations and practices . At this moment of completion, several astronomical observatories recorded a massive outflowing of an unknown yet very powerful energy flow from the centre of the galaxy. The centre of the galaxy is relevant since, according to pre-christian Gnostic sources (use of capitals intentional!), the galactic centre was the place of out-flowing for the energy that became the planet and her human counterparts. It is considered that those of us who have practised access to our inner states that there is a new energy flow affecting all humans whereby our DNA is being upgraded / re-awakened / re-constituted, just like you would upgrade a computer programme. While this is happening, like the computer analogy, neither the former or ultimate versions are completely accessible but once you have decided to sign up to the conditions, greater possibilities become the norm, if we care to change our operating procedure!

Thus, as 2016 opens, thanks to the communication systems that by-pass the controlling mainstream media, there is an upsurge in political and economic awareness and the evils that have been perpetrated in government, banking, health, geo-engineering, religion, monarchies and many other facets of world society.

It is becoming understood that an increased awareness will lead to a higher state of consciousness with benefits on health, creativity, abundance, and fulfilment. The process is worth investigating any one of these, let alone all of them! Considerable headway has been made to overpower certain negative technologies that have been designed by a controlling elite to diminish our abilities to raise our consciousness and hence our freedom and fulfilment.

Access to higher consciousness and to the long promised state of 5th dimensional consciousness, so called Ascension is available to all but not automatically. It does take your deliberate intention to focus your being in ways that make you connected and sensitive to this extended feeling system that joyfully connects with all things.

One of the best ways to make headway into your divine right of higher consciousness is to realise the value of a retreat holiday that removes you from limiting situations for a time, to enable a new understanding, sensitivity, and practice to develop.

5d consciousness is fifth dimensional consciousness Exciting news. The Solar system is going through a beam of cosmic gamma rays that have the effect of raising our consciousness to the 5th dimension for all those who are able to raise their vibration to align with it. The benefit and joy potential is immense.

EcoLifeWalks can help you prepare for alignment with fifth dimensional (5d) consciousness. Your host Stuart Forster has spent a decade working on higher consciousness

  • It is within the potential of any human to decide to access the domain of higher consciousness
  • The route to doing this involves having an inner motivation to do so and a preparedness to modify the belief system
  • The belief system has been systematically manipulated for thousands of years but the conditions are now right to prepare for this transformation
  • The Healing of Belief and the removal of emotional blockages can be part of the EcoLifeWalks curriculum for those who feel they are ready.
  • Additionally there are processes of inner connection that will help allow this change to take place at the rate you choose.

I’m Stuart Forster and I’ve spent decades in holistic research, currently offering EcoLifeWalks as a great way to relax, de-stress, enjoy the splendid Lanzarote ecology in guided trips to special places, have fun, discover some new truths, take part in activities and a programme of insights and therapies that will help you tune your life into becoming who you really are and what you want to fulfil in your greatest happiness. Thinking of coming? It’s a no-brainer?

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