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DNA REJUVENATION is the jewel in the crown

DNA REJUVENATION is the jewel in the crown of healing and personal fulfillment. To make sure you don’t miss out on understanding the process of truly attaining it, you need an open mind. You won’t properly rejuvenate without! The process of our having been separated from our potential to access rejuvenation, as our right, is to do with the corruption of our belief system. The Healing of Belief is another important process facilitated by EcoLifeWalks.

For many, the idea of rejuvenation is an ideal yet futile concept, so invariably they make do with recuperation. This, in itself, is useful, but the process only restores an earlier, less arduous setting and does not address a new determination, to avoid returning to it!

This information is a result of my decades of research into Consciousness. At many levels we have been deceived but it’s a good time not to dwell on that and take steps to becoming happier and fulfilled.

It’s all about human DNA

Don’t forget to be open minded. This will knock your socks off, (and you DNA on!)!

Historically the human, so closely connected to Gaia and higher Divinity, had its DNA modified by the Anunnaki master geneticists. (There’s plenty of evidence!) Our 24-strand DNA was depleted to 2 strand, where we are today. The rest was secretly left disconnected and is what medics refer to as “junk DNA!”

It just so happens that the solar system has been going through a band of gamma radiation for the last year which has the side effect of being able to re-constitute DNA. (This stuff makes Star Wars stories a bit palid,!)

Is it any wonder the decent 2-strand humans, still with their obscured divine source, are confused.  People with a sense of empathy, compassion and caring for one-another, and the kingdoms of nature, are appalled by the world government. They are saddened by the wars, financial slavery and general exploitation. Well, the times, they are a-changing!

It is becoming clear that humans have access to their personal information field of 300 trillion memory cells which they carry around with them. This field has access to the status and experiences of all previous lives ( probably thousands?) as well as the Akashic record of all that as ever taken place!

It get’s even more astonishing.

This data set is your own personal property. You own and command it, if you ever were to try, and now you can!

The trillions of cells will divide whenever growth or repair necessitates. At that point, there is a built in mechanism that asks for instructions. If none are received, as is virtually always the case, (up until now!) then they just go into Default Mode and maintain the status quo (which could be regressive). If it is your intention that you want a certain health situation, skill or whatever then the cell imports the requisite information from other cells in the array. The new instructions iterate and eventually get to a stage where the required status actually comes about. WOW!

Initially it’s wise to learn more on how to address the situation and what preliminaries are advisable.

You would need to have cleared emotional blockages (which EcoLifeWalks also addresses) for the best results!

So, should you be interested in real REJUVENATION, that is the ability to be physically younger (to the required level!) then the DNA cell(s) will insert a cell equivalent to that status next time it divides. If you do the process regularly and hold a successful expectation, then the process has to eventually occur. It’s not a matter of reversing the aging process, we are resetting it to a previous point, but now fortified by extra talents and information, on request!

I agree, that’s a lot to take on. Reflect on it, after reading this. Your intuition will guide you as to the veracity, so long as its supported by a non-prejudicial Healed Belief system!

The advanced course

 will focus on the connection and control mechanism with the DNA. It’s all about being open-minded, moving the awareness from the thoughts to places in the body that connect to a greater reality, particularly in our own sovereign DNA. That means it’s yours to use, available to start and nothing outside your own deliberate intention has any place in interfering!

We will explore preparatory routines and establish a relationship with whatever you perceive as Soul, Higher Self, DNA, Gaia Connectivity and our link to the Highest Creative Source.

Eventually will develop instruction systems that relate to the commands you want to introduce, such as being younger, perfect health, acquiring skills and more!

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