Lanzarote Meditation Holiday

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A Meditation Holiday in Lanzarote

Whether you are new to meditation or would like to explore the experience of awareness, this holiday will help you discover the powerful possibilities available once we learn to stop the domination of thoughts


The term “mindfulness” is commonly used to do with meditation but perhaps gives the wrong impression. While we can dwell on a thought, in most cases, the process works by allowing the mind to empty, so as to be aware of feelings and indications being offered by the body. There is an intelligence available here.


By accessing the feeling system of the body, we find that there is a whole new world of connectivity, not available via the head. The feeling we can notice, by inner awareness are powerful indicators of our overall state. Feelings of discomfort that we have learned to ignore are pointers to something the body is trying to communicate


Although the purists insist we should be sitting, any form of relaxation that helps us connect to the Earth is both a way of receiving healing energy and allowing unwanted feelings to be removed. The process of connecting with nature is very helpful in maintaining the beneficial blissful vibe, as is any positive emotion

All our programmes include mediation and healing processes to complement the visits to uplifting biosphere places