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Stuart will explain and show you how powerful it is, for making a fulfilling life!

Manifesting via Energy

Related to the Law of Attraction, our culture fails to teach us this vital process of being, doing or having what we want as a function of programmed emotion
It’s a lot easier to bring something about energetically than to use graft and effort. Once you learn how to do it repeatedly, your life will change in many ways

Energy Movement

A powerful process using the awareness system to locate areas of discomfort, which can dissipate anonymously via awareness and breath focus. This can be a quicker process than the analytical healing of belief
Once you have access to awareness of your body and you realise there is a discomfort, you can heal a lot of situations without having to know what caused them.

The Healing of Belief

Blocked emotions are not only uncomfortable but they have a limiting effect on our life direction. It is possible to release them by exploring the original issues related to the current feeling. Often there is a euphoric feeling as the release takes place and a sense of a more positive way forward. More Information
One of the most important processes you will learn at EcoLifeWalks and it will change your life!

Awareness and Heart Opening

The secret that has been hidden from us by deception and religion is how we are able to make a direct energy connection between our higher (authentic) self and the source of all things. Implicit in this relationship is our ability to heal and evolve while increasing our skills of manifestation. More Information
A more advanced technique for healing and programming inner discomfort via the far reaching heart energy.

Upgrading of DNA

There are changes taking place in the Universe that are having a profound effect on the compromised human 2-strand DNA. By working on the Healing of Belief and emotional blockages we avail ourselves of the opportunity to upgrade DNA and enter higher consciousness.
The implications of increasing your DNA strands will have huge implications to your personal power, happiness and fulfilment.

The Ascension

A term to describe the process whereby we move from our current 3rd dimensional consciousness (amongst the lowest in the Universe) and move through the astral 4th into 5th dimension with amazing changes in knowing, healing, manifesting etc.
Consciousness rising is available to everyone, if you do the preparation and have the right intention. It opens magical properties such as looking younger, a deep sense of knowing, remembering all your past lives, healing, manifestation, travel and more