Watching Lanzarote Waves

a joyous and transformational experience in Lanzarote and La Graciosa Spiritual Getaway,

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Lanzarote Waves, a joy to behold (La Graciosa too!)

Watching Lanzarote Waves is a joyous business. The water is so clean, the Atlantic waves have had thousands of miles to build on the north side of the islands (Southern shores are not so wavy and ideal for swimming) Obviously there are very special places for surfing and there is an option to learn how to surf with EcoLifeWalks. The water is so clean in the Canary Islands and different beaches have varying characteristics for wave profile and splash. If you love photographing waves, bring plenty of camera storage cards and batteries, as this can be a paradise! By the way, these are special wave beaches, there are several others with hardly any waves at all for swimming! Scroll down for loads more pictures

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RELAX and Watch the Lanzarote Waves

These photos are of places with powerful picturesque breakers. There are other places which are calmer for swimming and paddling. Stuart will take you to places where you can see turquoise transparency of rearing walls of water. If you spend an hour or so watching the ebb and flow of nature, if can be a deeply healing and relaxing sensation, with a good night’s sleep to follow.