Lagomar. the Omar Sharif House in Lanzarote

museum, gardens and restaurant at Nazaret


Apparently while on a film shoot on Lanzarote, Omar Sharif fell in love with this Manrique-esque residence, designed by architect Jesus Soto and set in a volcanic rock face. The legend goes that three days later he lost it in a card game with Sam Benady and has never been back to the island since. Lagomar is a stunning design with nooks, crannies and tunnels, even a night club in a rock niche! It is now classified as a museum but is also a restaurant of some standing. Always popular with my visitors and extremely photogenic! We were devastated to hear of the death of Omar Sharif on Friday 10th July 2015.

The place is a wonderland for photographers with great opportunities for architecture, garden design, flora and how to build a residence into the side of a rock face. The place also incorporates an art gallery and an Aloe Vera emporium. You pay for admission but the ticket price is deducted from your meal, should you decide to eat there.

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