Pristine Desert Island: La Graciosa

part of the Chinijo Archipelago, by Lanzarote

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The Desert Island Trip is probably the high spot of the places we go in terms of being an authentic desert island with a tradition of living simply, close to the earth. Although the internet and a few tourists have changed it slightly, it’s a small price to pay for accessing a beautiful biosphere with pristine beaches, birdlife, flowers ( in season) and awesome waves. It’s a great place for cycling (you can rent great bikes reasonably) since there are no roads, apart from the occasional Land Rover. Walking is good too. In both cases we go to one of the best beaches you will ever see, with turquoise waves and off-shore islands. This is the wonderland of La Graciosa in the Chinijo archipelago. There are a lot of pictures! Click on any one for a larger version and to view as a slide show.