The Cesar Manrique Foundation at Tahiche

original home of the artist and exhibition of his work

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The Cesar Manrique Foundation at Tahiche is well worth a visit

Cesar Manrique built his original house in a lava field originating from the big eruption of 1730-36 incorporating the subterranean lava bubbles that appealed to him as living spaces, while following his mission to build in harmony with nature. The César Manrique Foundation was created in 1992, as a non profit private institution, attracting over 300.000 visitors a year. It houses many of Manrique’s lava inspired paintings plus there are examples by Picasso and Miro. You can see the original designs he made for other eco projects on the island. There is a cafe and an excellent gift shop. CLick on any photo to see a larger version and to play a s slide show by clicking on the button in lower left.

A Large Selection of Images of the Cesar Manrique Foundation

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