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Lanzarote holidays often include walking tours and bike tours, as well as visits to the extraordinary Lanzarote beaches and Lanzarote volcanoes. Walking in Lanzarote is popular on account of the natural variety within guided walking and hiking tours. Distances are usually manageable since tour attractions in Lanzarote are fairly close together and do not require extensive car journeys. If you like walking and trekking holidays Lanzarote will be appealing although you may need strong walking boots for some of the lava areas. Walking in Lanzarote takes place all the year round since the Canary islands enjoy a constant summer climate, often with a cooling breeze at the height of the summer. Guided walking is ideal as you don’t have to worry about finding the walking routes or getting lost in the wilderness. Island tours are great as you often have a view of the sea in more than one direction. There are many tour attractions in Lanzarote and EcolifeWalks will take you to some of the best. The ecology and beauty of the island combine well with the MoretolifeNOW course, designed to help you make your life the way you want it to be!