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Since you have reached this page, you have obviously had dealings with the phrase “Personal Development Holiday” although we include it with some misgiving as it it sounds more like a corporate training manual than the actuality of what we do! EcoLifeWalks is born out of Holistic Holidays, also a slippery title to define, which is about having a fun relaxing and inspiring holiday while relaxing the mind and taking account of the emotions and spiritual counterparts, not just mind and body. No amount of aromatic seaweed and hot stones are going to cut it, so long as the mind dominates the feeling system and you have no handle on your how you feel about your life.

A Personal Development Holiday is about taking time away from habits, distractions and excuses in order to figure out how to become more happy with your life. How we feel about our life situation is probably the most accurate way of assessing how close we are to what makes us tick and our proximity to the deep down aspirations we may have hidden away somewhere!

It’s Personal, in that it’s about you and your life choice. No-one has the right to tell you how to spend your life since only you know what you want, once you manage to decipher how to realise it. It’s development in that we live in an ongoing organic process of assessing what we want and how we feel about our progress.

There have been mega strides in the last few years about understanding the way the human psyche and personal energy works. Fortunately we now have the freedom to discover and act upon the information we come across. Not too many centuries ago this would have given rise to the separation of your head from your shoulders! Even so, the mainstream media only touch on some of the topics which are now indisputably true, as deemed by the people who have spent time working with new ways of connecting and relating. I Stuart Forster, am one such, whose life course has presented me with life-learning situations that have caused me to shift (Shift Happens!!)

However you define Personal Development, what we do on EcoLifeWalks should give you food for feeling, more than food for thought, as feeling is what makes the difference when in concert with Thought as in determined focus. You will learn that feeling is a major factor in the allowing process, which is to do with managing our personal energy in a way that does not interfere with the ability to make things happen in life that is akin to our hearts desire. Don’t worry, it will all sink in in due course. We spend loads of time going to wonderful beaches, outstanding eateries and places of remarkable ecological interest.

We help you find your ideal accommodation, such as a 5-star Oceanside spa hotel near Puerto Calero marina has a dozen different quayside restaurants and tapas bars. Check out the activities page to see all the things we do, or extras you can choose (like surfing!) and look at the MoretoLifeNOW course which we mix with Tours & Trips to amazing places (check out the desert island walking or cycling). Its all wrapped up in a Complete Package and at the time of writing we have a Two for One Offer!