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Yoga SUP

Yoga Sup (Stand Up Paddleboard)

is a merging of a recent aquatic sport with the ancient discipline of yoga. It is suitable for any age and with the right supervision can be conducted in complete safety. There is a definite joy in perceiving nature all around while taking part in a lesson and an experience for mind and body together. While floating on the ocean, the process combines muscle development while undergoing simple movement, breath and nature energy. It’s also an exercise in physical and mental balance. During the lesson we focus on our inner self, our bodily health, while allowing the mind to be free of mental concerns. It’s a delight to take in the energy of the enchanted and sunbathed island of Lanzarote. The result is an exercise which provides a form of regeneration together with a quietening of the mind.

We focus on stretching the main and subsidiary muscles, spine, while being aware of breathing slowly and deeply. This helps oxygenate the blood and expel stale air that doesn’t get taken care of via conventional breathing. The combination of such practice and breathing helps a regeneration process in body and soul. It strengthens the awareness of being in the body and in the moment. This allows us to become aware of unresolved body feelings, helped by the biosphere connection. All you need to start is an open mind and the preparedness to enjoy the new experience of Yoga SUP.

Yoga on a Paddleboard, taught by our Qualified Associates, can be added to your EcoLifeWalks Optional Schedule