a choice of period and content


One, Three or Five Day Packages

Just choose how many days you would like to do, depending on how much time you have or how far you want to commit to changing your life!

Packages provide the chance to clear your mind and get a sense of excitement, that there is more to you and your life, than you ever imagined. The sense of uplift can be intense and helps you to connect with your inner space that is related to Mother Earth. Each package has this basis on which to reassess the way forward.

While sharing activities and life changing insights, you will be personally guided by Stuart Forster, to sensational places on one of the most beautiful biospheres on the planet. Whatever content you decide upon, Stuart will share empowering processes with you that will help you define a new direction in life.

He’s been doing this for a decade so is not just a specialist tour guide

The one and three day packages are useful if you’re already coming to Lanzarote but the best value is the 5-day. It takes a few days to unwind and as part of a dedicated week, we have time to go further and reach for a more fulfilling outcome.  Please note that flights and accommodation are not included although my clients often prefer to stay in a more eco –type setting away from the holiday hotel scenarios. Advice here on where to stay and flights

Overview / Taster. One Day

If you can’t manage longer, this day will give you a window into the places and insights. As usual, we will meet for a drink the night before and you can decide on the content. On the day, we start with at a coffee vista and Stuart will listen to your story. Quite often just having someone to listen to your situation is helpful in finding relief. We continue our chat, in whatever direction it goes, over a late lunch, again in a beauty spot. The local wine has been known to afford an extra clarity in your new life direction.

Three Days. More time to realise what you’ve been doing

Probably the finest gift you can give yourself is to be really selfish! Becoming more of who you really are is good for you and your nearest and dearest. Time spent in power places, that most people never see, helps quieten the mind and foster a realisation that there are feelings that offer more clues than the maelstrom of the mind. It’s an exciting discovery when you realise that you do create the outcome of your life. It may anger you to realise how this has been kept from you but once you discover your inner control panel and how to change the settings, then the world is your lobster!!

The Full Five Days to decide what to do about it

We go further into the life-changing process, once we realise that we have been unknowingly limiting our potential. We will work on not just finding blockages to your progress (which in turn manifest stuff you don’t want) but use quick processes to remove them. I’ll help you to let your feeling system divine (as in dowsing) what really floats your boat. There is a wonderful elation in understanding that you are not your CV or your mind set. It’s no longer necessary to go into names and blames. Connection with uplifting nature places can help shift the emotional and heart constrictions. You’ll know by the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm that rushes in. Within the longer package we also have time to take steps into realising plans that you now have a clarity about!

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