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One Day Meditation Programme

A combined day of Meditation and Guided tours on a Desert Island  while discovering an Introduction to the secrets of personal power via Meditation, Intention and Awareness. You can re-design the outcome of your life, seriously! Ideal if you’re short of time and want to see the top tour Lanzarote has to offer: the island of La Graciosa. 

Pick up and Drive to Orzola for Boat

I will collect you from your place about 9 am, depending where you are staying and we drive to the Port, as we chat and decide how we are going to spend our day

All Aboard

On the boat we continue our chat while admiring the beauty of the Lanzarote cliffs as we round into the calmer waters (no-one has ever been sick!)  approaching Caleta del Sebo, the port

bike or Walk

Its up to you whether you want to cycle on Natural tracks or walk. Ive been renting from our bike company for years and we get a good deal. on new bikes with an optional basket. We can cover more ground by bike but its easier to talk, on foot

Life changing insights

Uplifted by the biosphere beauty, we discover the power of emotions and how by using Intention, Meditation and Awareness we re-connect with a feeling of joy which is also an indicator of how to manifest the heart’s desire. See more at Insights.

Wonderful beaches

Graciosa is blessed with several outstanding pristine beaches which are never crowded and sometimes without people at all!. We enjoy the vistas as we eat our picnic lunch, often with interesting flora and wildlife nearby. They are an inspiring location for the inner awareness work we will undertake

Wave watching

This is an outstanding place to enjoy the power and beauty of the Atlantic swells of blue and turquoise, as in the video. There is always wave action, just a question of how big. If you like taking pictures, you cannot fail to capture memorable results, with volcanic islands in the background