MoretoLifeNOW is a series of conversations with excursions to beautiful ecological places, that add lasting and powerful benefits to a relaxing and recuperative holiday. The focus is on fun and enjoyment en route to happiness, personal power and fulfilment. There are different course formats so come for a short break or a whole week.

There is no rigid structure although we have a  guideline schedule. The dialogues are flexible and consider the individual or small group. People naturally like to talk about their lives when they are out walking and Stuart Forster has over a decade’s experience of conducting trips and tours to special places in and around Lanzarote. With a lifetime’s experience of personal growth and holistic research, he can share some fascinating insights, tuned to the perspective of the participant(s).

It’s not so much a therapy or a course, more a way of learning to perceive things differently and to be aware of the body’s guidance system which helps us bring about what we want to be, do or have in life. If this notion is new to you, then see it is potentially good news. After all you wouldn’t want to miss out on how to add more fun and happiness to your life.

I offer you a quote from Dr Wayne Dyer.  “The Highest Form of Ignorance is when you reject something you know nothing about!”