Make Your Own Luck

on a desert island retreat holiday

“Some people have all the luck!”

Have you ever heard someone complain that others have an unfair share of luck?
They assume that there is some overseeing authority who decides to whom good fortune is apportioned!

Seriously?  Do we think that some deity can be bothered to do what it takes to grant preferential circumstances to certain people?
This is overlooking the possibility that we are all responsible for the outcome of our lives. Your religion, your school or society does not teach you this, but you can prove it’s true, just by doing the process correctly! Then having decided it IS true, you spend some time wondering how a thing as important as this is not taught as a major priority. Since it isn’t, you can safely assume that there is some over-riding authority (NOT a deity) that would prefer that you didn’t know such a liberating right! By virtue of you and I reading this, the situation is changing.

What are we Really talking about here?

“Luck” is a succinct term for a basket of outcomes that are appreciated, although not generally actively requested. If we do not intentionally invite the manifestation of what we want, then, since this process always works, as part of natural law, we will get whatever default setting is in our manifestation apparatus!

Once we realise this, it becomes a game-changer!

When we realise that each one of us is an excellent manifestation/ miracle worker then some key questions come to mind.

  • How do You implement this process? 
  • What is causing all the stuff I don’t want to come about, time after time  
  • How do you access the settings for this process that we are supposed to be in control of?
  • What are the controlling factors?  
  • How do You re-programme them?  

The EcoLifeWalks package optionally includes a practical guide to locating the control panel, cleaning the default settings that were inadvertently creating stuff you don’t want, learning how to re-programme and set the honing equipment for your updated luck requests to find you!