Life is like photography

you use negatives to develop!

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Life is like photography; you use negatives to develop!
At least with the original, pre-digital, film processing method

It is our normal reaction to dislike negative situations. We would rather avoid them altogether, yet oddly enough there is great benefit in them!
The thing about a negative situation is that it really gets our attention! We are in no doubt that this does not feel good and we would rather that it went away immediately, or better still, that it never came about in the first place! However it is good to realise that things don’t feel good, rather than ignoring the fact.

How can there be great benefit in negative situations!

In the inclusive Life Insights and 5-day MoretoLifeNOW course on an EcoLifeWalks life change holiday, we discover , aided by an update in modern scientific understanding, that we do create our own realities! You can save a lot of heartache by considering the fact that the reality of our life is manifested by our own inner energies, namely thoughts, feelings, emotions.

A major learning in this course is that we are constantly manifesting outcomes in our lives, mainly as a result of our emotional disposition. This still works whether we intend it or not. The big question is not about whether we constantly manifest the outcome of our lives; more a case of what we manifest! If you don’t believe this, what if you are wrong!? Can you afford to disregard something so vital: something that millions are now realising?

So, if we have been holding onto negative emotional energy, made worse by constantly focussing on the negative outcomes we create, then we are party to a worsening life scenario. The worse it gets, the more we don’t like it and unwittingly generate more negative dramas into our lives. Thus we make our life into a vicious spiral, but, the good news is, we can change all that by becoming aware of what we feel!

The great benefit, we talked about earlier, is in realising when we feel a negative emotion, this is an indication from our higher self, that we are not acting in our best interests. It forewarns us, when we are aware enough to notice, that we are in danger of manifesting something less than desirable!

When we perceive a negative situation, there is great development potential, in realising that we have created this from negative emotion, one way or another. When this is fully realised, then we have a wonderful inbuilt advisory system.

The negative events we behold are our own creation and are a classic case of the “Uses of Adversity”. When we realise that we have been harbouring negative emotion, without realising, as confirmed by the live scenarios coming into our life drama, then this is fantastic feedback, to let us see what we have been doing. Of course, if we don’t realise, it accumulates, getting worse by our compounded negative reaction by feeling badly on top of the energy that created the undesirable event.

By becoming more aware of our ambient emotional energy and learning how to “lift” it, we can change the trend of negative outcomes and focus on generating feelings attributed to how we would feel when we received a particular thing, situation or outcome.

If you are new to this thinking, it may seem surprising or even downright unlikely. Check it out elsewhere, if you need to, but even better, practice becoming aware of how you feel and learn how to make your feelings vibrationally higher. In other words work on feeling good. Better than you otherwise would have done!

EcoLifeWalks week escape holidays with desert island biosphere tours,  incorporates the Life Insights, which covers the issues of being who we really are and having what we really want. Really!

MoretoLifeNOW is also available by arrangement in short courses in the UK, and beyond

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