Dont Worry!

Dont Worry!2018-12-20T11:47:29+01:00

Worry is a Waste of Imagination

Worry is the process whereby we allow focus on negative events, whether real or imaginary, in the present, past, or in the future.

We may not be consciously aware that we are worrying, or, more importantly how seriously it impacts our lives. It dissipates our energy and, even worse, helps create further situations that we do not want, thus compounding the scenario making us feel worse and lowering energy levels even further.

Relevant here is the Law of Attraction, Open Mind, Awareness and Manifesting via Energy

SO, Worry, the continued focus on negative emotional energy brings about equivalent negative events in life. The fact, that you may not believe that the nature of your feelings effects your life outcome, does not stop that process actually happening! That is the trap that humans have fallen into for centuries. Changing the process is a function of awareness and emotional uplift.

In order to have the process of natural energy work for you, you need to be open-minded and aware enough to use the process correctly to get the proof that you can believe.

The irony is that worry is the same process as that of the positive creative imagination. The only difference being the feeling energy is negative as are the results.