Human Deception

revelation of the truth of how we humans have been deceived about our potential

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dna-deceptionA fascinating aspect of EcoLifeWalks is a revelation of the truth of how we humans have been deceived about our potential.  Stuart will explain our ancient origins and how our DNA is profoundly more capable than the controllers who have been conspiring to keep that from us, while trying to adapt for themselves! You need an open  mind here, since the story is bizarre and probably unfamiliar. It’s really worth hanging in, as there are extraordinary things taking place now!

Very unholy alliances, principally of Archons/Draconians and more recently Khazarian Bankers have monopolised Banking, Government, Education, Health, Military, Media and more. You will learn how the new BRICS nations and the Dragon Families are, as we speak, arranging a new world financial system which will deliver abundance for all, in due course! Stuart is writing a book about the whole scenario and you will understand why he chose  the title “Would You Believe It?!

This is all the more exciting since there is a surge of cosmic energy embracing the planet that is naturally causing our manipulated DNA to reconstitute into its higher configuration, if we are willing. Realising how we have been deceived into imbibing low vibrational scenarios from fear, debt, illness etc. is the first step.  The way forward is to cleanse the emotional memory, thus enabling a higher vibe to become our default. There is a magic that takes place when the higher vibrational broadcast of the emotions, linked to the evolving DNA, start manifesting the flavours of the higher frequency we now feel. EcoLifeWalks specialises in such processes, helped by the supportive connections with uplifting biosphere places.