Awareness and Heart Opening

//Awareness and Heart Opening
Awareness and Heart Opening2018-12-20T11:47:23+01:00

The process of establishing your energetic power via intention, awareness and allowing.

This is one of the most beneficial attributes of the holiday, although, as ever, optional.

It’s is a process I have refined from years of research and practice. I feel it is particularly relevant to investigate what is involved since the planetary subtle energies are helping to make this process very powerful.

The secret that has been hidden from us by deception and religion is how we are able to make a direct energy connection between our higher (authentic) self and the source of all things. Implicit in this relationship is our ability to heal and evolve while increasing our skills of manifestation. Yes, we can make desirable things happen via accessing our inner dynamics. Otherwise we just get default appearances related to our state of emotional disharmony. Put simply, connecting with your source will provide you with all the joy and fulfilment you could ever ask for. This is not dogma. It’s a natural process that works and you can prove it to your own satisfaction, if you implement it properly.


Preparation Assumptions
Firstly we have to realise that our inner energy works differently to the life management operating system that we use based on mental monopoly and a belief system that we’ve never audited.

Open Mind
It’s important to be aware that any residual doubts or resistance will impair the process. Having an open-mind is essential, or at least, not an actively closed one. We can have a resistance to taking on things that can really benefit us, without realising that an automatic negative filter is in operation!

Believing It works
You’ll get there quicker if you are able to merge with that part of you that has an inbuilt knowledge of all truth. It’s in our DNA and available by heart connection. The actual intention and belief is connected to the process of making the desired outcome.

Don’t Miss out!
If you’re not familiar with such notions, don’t miss out by not trying it for yourself. The benefits are too great to risk not enjoying them!

Protection and Security
if you are new to this and holding emotional blockages (who doesn’t / hasn’t at some time) then we will outline systems that will protect you from any lower vibrations affecting your disposition.

A New Operating System
The inner, let’s call it Heart Energy, doesn’t work on a textual / mental trigger so we discover how the dashboard works within our feeling system.  Major emotional blockage may stop you even accessing the feeling system. First we need to clear old negative energies that are contaminating the inner operating system and causing them to bring about less desirable outcomes in life. (It’s what most humans have been doing all their lives!

Emotional Healing
There are various ways to remove old stuff that has been hanging around causing discomfort and disappointment. We can either go into a historic investigation of the memory you’ve been holding, or, much quicker, heal the problem as an anonymous releasing process.

Healing of Language
We need to choose our thoughts and words carefully as they have great power. We will draw up a list of words for commands, request and requirements and then make sure that the energy counterpart is what we need it to be. Our language, semantics and beliefs have been hoodwinked or kidnapped by adoption of vocabulary that has a strong connection with stuff we don’t want. Therefore by healing each command word and linking it to the desired feeling output, we can lessen the corruption from media hype and actual mind-control. It does exist!

New Access Language
Its best to start totally from scratch and build a new command and implementation system, similar, in a way, to Neuro Linguistic Programming, although it’s a totally natural process and part of our life tool kit!

Feeling the Extent
We grow up with the idea of the red heart icon that sits in the centre of our chest, pumping blood. Actually the heart energy can expand to many miles and beyond. While blood circulation is important, the biggest role of the heart is in being a magnetic generator and receptor. Once you get into it, you will feel that the inner space is potentially infinite, certainly not just within the bodily confines.

Finding Where it is
To become used to locating the heart energy access we do some exercises which emphasise the difference of being aware of just the head (effectively our default, though it can be changed) or of the inner spaces. We can create commands that take you straight there.

Stored Memories
Our heart has access to all the memories, good and bad. We can set up a programme request for the heart to reveal intensively joyous memories we may have forgotten. This reminds us of the feeling of elation that is available generally, not just for happy bookmarks. Negative memories will present in emotional issues, as mentioned above.

Music Healing
Since everything here is “vibrational” then frequency and harmonic relation can come to bear. We will experience how applying layer of conscious sound to a place of discomfort can help it dissolve, gradually or altogether disappear. Did you know that 432Hz musical tuning produces an energy combination that is uplifting the body? Of course it was just bad luck that the Cabal who settled on the standard actually picked one of the worst for a body resonance standpoint?!!

Art of Allowing
Another subtle art in energy management is the process of allowing. That is to say, the process of getting out of the way and not doing what we automatically do every time that context arises! Allowing is strongly aligned to Awareness. Its like holding open a neutral channel while good stuff comes in and unwanted rubbish can depart.

The outcome
If you do what it says on the tin, confirmed by your intuition then several benefits can come your way. Release of discomfort, negative attitudes, creativity, improved relationships and above all, being, doing or having whatever you want! Now, that has to be worth checking out!