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The Bonus is the Insights!

The permanent benefit that this holiday gives you, more than a sun-tan, is the realisation and awareness of your feeling system and how it effects more than just your health and well-being! As we enjoy relaxing time in unspoiled nature we discover the special connection humans have with Mother Earth and how the appreciation and uplift of her beauty can help us in the healing of our subtle energy. This is not “woo-woo”. The feeling system, if we notice it, is a reliable guide as to our entunement with happiness and our heart-felt life direction. The process also embraces abundance and fulfilment?

Open Mind is “Way to Go”!

There is great benefit in overcoming our long-standing conditioning of taking on new material via an automatic mental reflex filter over which we have no conscious control. This bi-passes any research or consideration and condemns the notion to the “NO” bin, forever. By remembering to use our awareness at that moment of choice, we realise that we cannot be sure 100% either way but the intuition can hint that there may be something there which is valid and can benefit us! Better to file it in the ever growing “Definite May-Be” section, for later consideration with other such ideas. That way we don’t miss out on something that may be of enormous benefit! Since there is a lot of stuff that fits into that category, Open-Minded is definitely the “Way-to-Go”! Practice it as you read this!

Freedom from Thought Domination!

Like the item above, we have another default situation that severely limits our progress which is so commonplace it has become “normal” (Beware of being “normal”!) In fact it seems that there is no other place for our awakened attention (consciousness) to go, other than in the thoughts. This is very limiting as the thoughts are just a curriculum vitae, some unfounded or inherited beliefs and an affiliation with current rationale. Thought dominance deprives us from accessing our connection to IN-spiration via the heart and DNA which know everything (Open Mind Please!) So for better decisions and more creativity, don’t over-think! We will help you change to the balance that serves you best!

Awareness is Key!

Let’s call it an open dashboard of wider sensory perception, certainly free from permanent thought domination! Thoughts are one of the components, as are the other common senses of visual sight, audible hearing, aroma, touch and smell. However this list does not include an open channel to inner feeling indications, particularly the emotional disposition or even being aware that you can’t feel anything! Awareness is subtle and all pervasive. It allows us to notice intelligent indications from the greater personal feeling system including intuition and our sensitivity to newly opening inner information systems, like the third eye, clairvoyance, clairaudience and other such. One of our biggest challenges is to be aware of the state of the emotional system since only then can we make life enhancing adjustments.  Our life, or at least quality of, could depend on it!

Hawaiian Deep Listening 

The ancient Hawai’ian technique of Ho’oponopono is updated in what we would call Deep Listening Healing. The subject talks freely about whatever is troubling them and the facilitator listens. This, in itself, is healing as the subject may not have had the opportunity to vent the issue in its totality without interference from judgement or criticism. Their contacting the seat of the discomfort and owning it can be liberating on its own. However the facilitator hears the account from a place of positive emotional feeling and empathy with the subject. This supportive energy seems to lend itself to the subject and help lift the vibration of the emotional pain, thus allowing it to dissipate!

Energy Movement

Increased awareness of body feelings will reveal emotional discomfort, most often in the lower torso initially. This is good news as we are now alert to the body’s message that there is some limiting energy that needs to be released. Previously we may have addressed this by conversations to discover who kicked the pram when you were tiny, but it is possible to allow the blocked energy, identified by the discomfort or even pain, to dissipate, without an inquest. The exit route will be that of least resistance but breath awareness and contact with the Earth, through the “root” will assist. Once the heart area is open then different invitations for release may be entertained. There is a feeling of “lightening” or euphoria once the natural energy flow is reconnected.

Conscious Connected Breathing

Originally known as Rebirthing, Conscious Connected Breathing is a powerful process for releasing emotional tension by a combination of hyperventilating and awareness focussed on the breath. It has a popular following since there is usually a euphoric sensation at the culmination of session, usually accompanied by a release of long blocked emotion. While the sessions are usually guided to ensure continuity and depth of breath, in general terms an awareness of the breath is a useful meditation, or even a practice to engage in whenever an opportunity arises, with the processing of released energy as mentioned above.


Upgrading of DNA

Human DNA operates on a 2-strand arrangement with the existence of what “scientists” call junk DNA. DNA is massively important as it has higher consciousness potential and when linked to emotions has the ability to interconnect to the greater source. No mean trick! The so-called junk DNA is not lying around as irrelevant rubbish but is beginning to re-constitute into its fuller complete configuration by virtue of emotional clearing, the effect of the solar system passing through cosmic gamma rays and the marked increase in the Schumann resonance of the Earth. This is a profound resolution of a bigger picture whereby human DNA was manipulated by entities in an earlier epoch (Anunnaki) in a way that it could re-constitute. We live in a time where this is now taking place. Humans and Gaia together are completing a momentous evolutionary restoration as, in concert, both enter into 5th dimension consciousness. Of course, you don’t hear this in church or on TV documentaries. In wondering why, you may understand the bigger picture!

The Healing of Belief

The Healing of Belief is one of the most fundamental areas to address in your journey to higher consciousness. It is an important component of any Spiritual getaway or Spiritual Retreat! Our upbringing normally does not make any formal reference to our belief system although this disposition becomes a major factor in what determines our life. Examining our belief system, with a view to making changes, is one of the most important stages in our transformation.