Lanzarote Yoga Holidays

one of the first ever yoga holiday companies

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The Original Lanzarote Yoga Holidays evolved into EcoLifeWalks

Lanzarote Yoga Holidays

I was a co-partner of Holistic Holidays which was one of the first Lanzarote yoga holidays. This started in 1999 and I ran it for over a decade, helping thousands of people to combine a yoga holiday with sunny island tours.

It became obvious, with our repeating clients, that many returned from their yoga holiday with a sense of recuperation, but not with the wherewithal to change their lives beyond inner limitations. I became interested in Emotional healing and the Healing of Belief, which do have profound effects on the ability to manifest the life you want.

Lanzarote Yoga Holidays

While this is not a dedicated Yoga Holiday, we can include our own yoga, as we go, in the biosphere. If you prefer you can locate at the Country House accommodation, which is also a yoga school and you can opt into yoga lessons there.

If you are interested in a Yoga Holiday then you may consider going further, based on the awareness of the body and removing emotional blockages which you didn’t know you had. By working on awareness, breath, meditation and intent, we find ourselves well placed to Rejuvenate Mind Body and Spirit

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