Deep Listening Technique

based on the Hawaiian art of Ho'oponopono

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A process whereby breakthrough can be achieved by the subject talking while the listener reacts silently but consciously!
similar to an ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono

deep listening

A fundamental part of the Life Insights and MoretoLifeNOW is for you to have time and space to examine who you are and how you are living your life. This can rarely be done effectively in busy lifestyles, personal interactions, pressures, deadlines, phones, corporate and city environments. As we wander through nature or relax in scenic cafes, you will have the opportunity to explore, when it feels appropriate, concerns and preoccupations that are active in your life.

Certainly there are processes I can share with you to help free emotional energy blockages but just being given the space to talk about it, with someone who is dedicated to listening, can be enough to make a lasting difference. As my own consciousness has expanded I have found this to be powerful and non-intrusive. It was only after noticing positive results of my subject releasing the blocked energy and realising their own solutions that I became mindful of how this form of deep conscious listening resembles the ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono. (see my blog entry about the healing of a hospital wing of mentally ill inmates.)

When the subject is talking of their situation, I train my awareness on the feelings that arise in my own body energy system. Rather than dismissing them as “not being my stuff” I realise that while the subject may have been the catalyst of my feeling these sensations, they are also a real part of my feeling system. Using certain techniques, which I will share, these feelings are “cleansed” as the conversation progresses.

The magic is, that as I heal my own feelings in this context, there is a corresponding effect on the subject. I could speculate on how that could happen, but the upside is that it does, and the proof is when the subject gradually feels as though a weight has been lifted and a blockage released. Obviously there are no guarantees as to what may happen, but ask any Ho’oponopono practioner and they will usually have a list of successful events.

I find this system works well since the subject is in control of the dialogue and knows that he/she will be rarely interrupted while they get it off their chest! There is something within this process whereby the subject affords themselves enough space and focus, that a solution or resolution becomes clear. Finding your own answer is a more useable direction than having a third party suggestion.

It seems that our lifestyles are such that we do not find the space and facility to just be with the situation and voice it to the extent of becoming clear about what is involved and where the answer lies!