Animal Rescue

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Over the years we have helped people with with their lives, circumstances have caused us to rescue many animals, mainly cats. Lanzarote is a difficult place for lost and feral animals as there is little or no surface water and precious little to eat, Add to this that many of the locals regard cats as vermin, with poison often being laid down (we have lost a cat to this). The island authorities offer little assistance to aiding and healing stray dogs and cats, all the support being offered by private charities and goodwill from animal lovers. We present the following slide show as a testament to the many animals we have taken in. Yes, food and vet bills are expensive, but we have enjoyed their company and our visitors as gained special healing relationships, sometimes being converted to cat lover status, whereas before they were not. If you are thinking of coming here, you will need to like cats. Rarely are allergies an issue as the place is very airy. Oddly enough people who like cats often have less issues in their life. Funny that!

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