The MoretoLifeNOW Course

mixed with activities and therapies on the 5-Day Plan


Benefits and features of the MoretoLifeNOW course

IMG_9761cYour EcoLifeWalks package combines trips and tours to sensational places, such as beaches, volcanoes, waves, wildlife, cafes and restaurants, and within the 5-day plan you can optionally take part in More to life NOW!

Stuart looks after you. You are collected from your hotel, driven to the places we decide upon. You get the inside story on the history, wildlife and attractions. No need to worry about driving on the right or navigation.
Some things we may have to book, like therapies or surfing lessons, should you want, but the time is flexible and we can vary, as we go. If you need to pick up some shopping, we can take that in too!
As well as deciding the places you want to visit, the chats, as we go, or while in cafes and restaurants, are up to you. As you can see the topics range from local interest to life’s mysteries and details of the special times we live in which are very exciting but not yet generally known
Being able to talk about yourself and your life in confidence is very healing, especially with the Deep listening process I offer
Therapies are optional extras, other than yoga with Stuart as part of the dialogues. Stuart also facilitates, as part of the dialogues, a way of releasing emotional blocks that hamper the manifestation process.
We have predispositions on the truth of things, based on stuff we took on when we were young. It is not all complete and much is untrue, in terms of our view of ourself and the way things are. It is essential we realise, or we can miss out on finding tremendous change for the better. You will know what I mean when you read further, as some of this material may raise postures of challenge to the veracity of what I am offering. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing something you know nothing about that could be of enormous benefit!
It helps to know about the how humans have been manipulated and deceived from pre-history to the present, taking in Archons, Romans, Jesuits, Rothschilds, Rockefellers aka The Cabal or the Illuminati. You will be surprised!
We can explore the Law of Attraction, The Law of Deliberate Intention and the Law of Allowing as part of the process of realising that we do be or have whatever we want in our lives. Also available is the powerful Radical Forgiveness process
Consistent with ancient prophesies from many sources we now have proof that that marvellous things are beginning to happen, offering anyone who wants, the possibility of attaining a higher degree of consciousness, and with that comes incredible knowledge, wisdom, creativity, healings and more. We look at the things you can do to help attune to this process which is unfolding day to day.
We can help discover what you may want to bring into your life, once removing default obstacles in your belief system. Brainstorming on your wish list and meditations to help have them come to you!
In the past I’ve helped people discover new directions, only to have them leave without knowing how to make the next step. Get the fundamentals of how you really can build your own website, publish an e-book, make the most of email and Facebook, conduct electronic PR campaigns, and more.
Stuart is a keen photographer and usually takes loads of pictures during the time we spend together. At the end of the period you will receive a souvenir CD of full size images to take home with you, gratis!
If you have questions arising after you return to your new life, drop Stuart a line. He’s happy to help.