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Lanzarote Therapies

Its a great idea, while having time for yourself, to check out some Lanzarote Therapies, to help you take back lasting benefits Inclusive to the Course, Stuart offers the following therapies within EcoLifeWalks. There are also specialist therapies which he can recommend. Everything is optional and to your preference

Healing of Belief is an essential process whereby we can recognise old beliefs identified by the feeling system which are then accessed and re-evaluated in a way that causes relief and positive energy flow
A process whereby breakthrough can be achieved by the subject talking while the listener reacts silently but consciously! similar to an ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono
cause or identify situation or blame. It works solely as an anonymous energy which can be removed. The resultant feeling can return a sense of lightness and clarity
Easily check and restore the optimal workings of the brain by making both sides process equally since the logical left side usually predominates
We experience a sense of deep ecology as we get in touch with our inner energy while engaged in a volcanic guided meditation. This is a powerful place and the location of the last eruption on the island!
A powerful and enjoyable insight into how we can enjoy music other than with the aural system. By attuning our awareness into the body, the resonance and vibration of the music has an uplifting effect on the emotional and heart energy, often helping remove unwanted stuff that has been limiting and causing discomfort
A process based on being able to see that we do create the situations on our life. By realising that an apparently negative situation can be an indication for us to see what we are manifesting, then we attain an insight which allows us to rectify the situation. We realise that life is supportive, once we learn to read the indications.
The beauty of this holiday is that it works better when we appreciate the places of outstanding natural beauty and magnificence. When we learn to do this in awareness, it mirrors the same thing in us that we admire
We can help discover what you may want to bring into your life, having removed obstacles in your belief system. Brainstorming of your wish list while being unaffected by old limitations
Apart from the Treatments offered by the Spa Hotel and the Country House Retreat we are pleased to offer specialist therapies at other locations, personally recommended by Stuart

    Specialist Lanzarote Therapies as Supplements

  • Emotional Healing. A powerful process whereby energy blockages are intuitively diagnosed followed by techniques to help the disperse, leaving a profound sense of well-being.
  • Life-Alignment with Carlotta, a very powerful process for identifying and release of blocked emotional stress. Connecting with the emotions from the body, from the cell’s memory, it’s possible to transform and release the physical, mental and emotional’s blocks. The memory of the body records and maintains informations that we are not conscious; when we have pain, fears, suffering not resolved, this cause an energy’ dam  in the physical and energetical body, and block the flow of the vital strength. The emotions are energy, when we permit to move it and to have it’s own process, we can transform all the thoughts that limit ours lives.
  • Art Therapy with Elena, putting you back in touch with your creativity
  • Shiatsu with Yasuyo, an unusual Japanese method using aromatic oil, dedicated to the balancing of body energy and enhancement of health
  • Hawaiian Massage with Paloma
  • Kinesiology and Massage with Cristina
  • Specialist Yoga