Spiritual Getaway with Lava, Rocks & Stones

geological jewels confirm we are in a special place with beauty abounding

//Lava, Rocks & Stones
Lava, Rocks & Stones2018-12-20T11:47:47+01:00

Lanzarote and La Graciosa are Volcanic islands, probably originally being pushed up from the sea bed and subsequently covered by multiple eruptions throughout the last 20 million years. Most of the places are unpsoilt and you dont have to go far to see interesting, colourful geology. In particular the volcanic lava areas offer acres of beautiful artifacts, sometimes, the footpaths being strewn with semi precious crystals. Peridot (Olivine) crystal is commonly included in basalt rock. You will see rocks covered with lichens, often the first form of life to live on lava. For many ecologists lichens are an accurate monitor of quality of the air. Around the sea shore you will find more objects d’art, rounded by eons of wave polishing. Here is a small selection! I will show you more when you come!

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