Lanzarote Flowers: Winter Spiritual Getaway

our spiritual awareness is assisted by appreciating flowers in a desert zone!

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Lanzarote FlowersLanzarote Flowers on a Winter Holiday

You would normally think of Lanzarote in the context of desert island or volcanoes, whereas alpine flowers are more likely to be in Switzerland.  However here, in the Canary Islands, depending on the minimal rainfall, you can see Lanzarote flowers on the arid plains and cliff tops. If you know where to look, there are literally blanketed meadows of colourful blooms where arid land would usually be. Its an absolute delight to behold. The volcanic island of Lanzarote has so much potential wild-life and many exotic species grow readily, given a little water, A de-desertification project could easily change the Saharan Climate to a true Canary Islands improvement. In the content of the courses Stuart can discuss how emerging new world finance and changing consciousness is about to transform people and planet to previously unimagined levels. EcoLifeWalks is also now a Consciousness Holiday

Lanzarote Winter Flowers in your Spiritual Retreat