La Graciosa for a Desert Island Spiritual Getaway

we visit this awesome desert island as part of a spiritual retreat holiday

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La Graciosa is the eighth Canary Island, located very close to the upper north western coast of Lanzarote.

La Graciosa is a gem of a desert island, only a 30 minute boat journey from Orzola in Lanzarote. There are two ferry services operating the scenic route between Orzola and Caleta del Sebo. They are Lineas Romero and Biosfera Express, providing a service roughly every half an hour. There is no need to book. Just allow enough time to get your ticket.

Playa de las Conchas

La Graciosa. Playa de Las Conchas

These days the island offers a selection of reasonably priced places to stay. On your arrival you will see a choice of cafes and restaurants as well as a number of bicycle hire companies. I’ve used this one for years. Its the main one you will notice. There are few vehicles on the island so cycling on the principal tracks is a delight. The cycle company will provide you with a map but don’t forget to go to Playa de las Conchas, top left of the map, which is probably one of the best beaches in the world, and there are others!


La Graciosa














Here is a very large selection of La Graciosa Images showing you the beauty of the island

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