Benefits of EcoLifeWalks

a spiritual getaway with lots of pluses


Benefits that get bigger as the list goes on!

  • Perfect if you’re travelling alone. Safe. You will be looked after.
  • Two-for-One Deal if you want to come with a friend
  • We help you find your preferred accommodation . Frequent easy flights , (both not included)
  • Personal Chauffeur, Air Conditioned car included
  • No worry about driving and navigating. Help with Shopping, water, any self catering requisites
  • You are collected from your hotel/apartment each day and brought back at the end
  • Your own time to relax and re-align. fun, recuperation and discovery
  • Companionship and supportive Personal Guide for the duration, 1, 3 or 5 days
  • Discover places that tourists rarely see, Avoiding the tourists and their locations
  • Your own choice of Places, Activities, and Insights
  • Connections with the Biospheres of Lanzarote and La Graciosa
  • Visits to Eco Architecture of Cesar Manrique
  • Visit some of the best beaches in the world
  • We take in Special Cafes And wonderful restaurants with great views
  • Have Someone who will listen to your life concerns. Deep Listening Technique
  • Life Changing Insights, the most valuable part of the time
  • We examine areas of your life where you are stuck and help resolve
  • Discover how your beliefs launch the content of your life!
  • Explore how to bring about your heart’s desire (Big One!)
  • Help in setting new goals
  • Optional Business advice, Marketing plan, New technology
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