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Five Day Programme

Each Day, I will collect you from your residence and return you at the end of the day. We will find a coffee spot with a vista and discuss your preferences for the day. I will listen to your story and provide some verbal insights to match the situation. We will visit an outstanding attraction and decide upon an uplifting location for sharing of insights with appropriate processes. Lunch will be at an exceptional restaurant, usually with a beautiful vista. 

typical schedule

The content may be varied according to your preference

Day 1

After coffee, we will visit the Manrique Foundation as an example of one man’s idea of building a living system and art gallery, inside a volcanic cavity. Thereafter we head for the heights of a cliff-top walk with stunning views of the Chinijo Archipelago. Late Lunch

day 2

After a cup I take you to the Secret beach. The half hour walk via a track arrives at a pristine black beach with quiet places for conversation, personal reflection and meditation, alongside ocean spray and powerful inlets. After a meal by the sea we visit the magnificent El Golfo with its green lagoon!

day 3

After coffee we visit the site of one of the most recent eruptions (1825) where we can have a close look at interesting features. He we can do a “volcano meditation” with a strong “earthy” connection. Afterwards we drive to the Manrique Cactus Garden with it’s stunning array of hundreds of different species

Day 4

We continue the volcanic theme with a walk to the rarely seen Lava Lake Volcano (Pico Partido), a wild place with panoramic views and interesting features. Then onwards to the famous Lagomar house, supposedly where Omar Sharif lost the residence in a card game. We can eat there too, or at another beach venue.

Day 5

Every programme concludes on a high spot with a voyage to the adjoining desert island of La Graciosa, where you have a choice of walking or covering more ground by renting a bike. We take a picnic to one of the best unspoiled beaches in the world, Playa De Las Conchas. If we have time we can see the Splendid Mirador del Rio back on the mainland