You can become Younger!

Most people think of rejuvenation in the sense of recuperation or merely feeling better. If you are open-minded you can work with your personal DNA to bring about many things, including becoming younger! Changing times are now allowing us access to this process!

Your DNA is your own sovereign possession and it is very powerful, knowledgeable and carries all your memories. In cellular terms the DNA is open to requests / instructions, each time it divides and rebuilds, iterating the effect through the whole body.

There have been unheard of changes taking place to people and planet recently. Humans and Mother Gaia share an ancient energy connection so we respond to the state of the Divine Feminine that is our Earth. Her resonance is now vibrating hugely higher than the normal 7.8Hz Schumann resonance. This, with the awakening of the group human psyche consciousness, is happening in parallel with our DNA upgrading.

Our DNA has the potential to operate at a divinely higher level than the 2-strand basic model we currently have. What the Medics call junk DNA is the remnants of how our DNA was genetically dumbed down in Sumerian times. There is lots of evidence to support this. What is more, our Solar system is passing through bands of gamma energy from the galactic Source.  Amazingly this Gamma radiation has the ability to reconstitute the dismembered DNA.

Those who are able to quieten the mind and hold body awareness will find that they can unite internally with the DNA, which has been patiently waiting for us to wake up! Since we own our own DNA, we can instruct it to repair, feel well, heal illness, make younger, acquire skills and more. Our cellular network of some 300 Trillion cells holds memories of all our previous lives and the DNA associated with that time. The memory library is available for splicing into the now, on request.

SO, if your wish is to be and look younger, even to a particular age, the DNA can look up the requisite data next time a relevant cell divides. The original status is then spliced into the newly dividing DNA, for it to iterate and multiply through the current operating system.

On EcoLifeWalks we are running workshops on how to do this! Come to the Canary Islands and Rejuvenate in the sun!

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