Deep Ecology

Implicit in the EcoLifeWalks approach is that we replace any notion of religion or god with that of Deep Ecology, thereby treating the subject as an exploration and experience of natural law, with ourselves as a connected component.

The “ECO” component of EcoLifeWalks, is not just Ecology, although we respect all the practices and insights inspired by the notion of studying and protecting the interactions among organisms and their environment.

This frees us from dogma, inherited beliefs which may otherwise prejudice our attitude to the truth of what is. The EcoLifeWalks week is, after all, an invitation to consider and evaluate ways of experiencing life with a different overview, and coming up with conclusions which have perceivable practical benefit to the outcome of our lives.

You are invited to enjoy and feel the scenery and insights with an open mind, in a safe environment and time to audit your belief systems. It is our belief systems that cause us to think, react and expect in predefined ways and they can obstruct access to inner connections which allow accurate guidance to what will help our greater happiness and fulfilment, at the level of what we want, deep in our hearts.

Our basic tenet is based on being sufficiently open minded to entertain a different version of how things work, between ourselves and whatever it is that we sense in the states of connection that our bodies afford. You can call it cosmic consciousness, if it helps to conjure an image of our tapping into energies that seem to emanate from the vast extent of the universe. On the other hand, you may see the whole cosmos as being a hologram, with everything being a part of everything else. Its simpler to settle for an acknowledgement that there are intelligent feeling connections which can reflect our desires back to us, as part of the reality of life. These feeling connections only work when we align with the appropriate frequency / vibration / emotional state, just like tuning into a radio station.

We can argue about semantics and definitions and beliefs when offering a new view, but if you reach a place where you have your own definite inner knowing, based on positive and repeatable experience, then that becomes a truth that no amount of debate will create or destroy!

It follows that when we are dealing with the source of things and the powers and insights that we derive by connecting with this “place”, irrespective of what name is placed on it, we do not deal through distributors. The various world religions are not uniform in the messages they offer, although there is some good amongst all of them. They are all man made entities and in some cases have a history of control in conjunction with the prevailing power at the time. You do not need to be agnostic or atheistic to take part in an EcoLifeWalk week, and even if your religion works well for you, we invite you to examine our approach of gaining personal growth by aligning with the energies of the greater environment on which we depend.