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Life-Changing Holiday in the Canary Islands

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Press Release: A Desert Island Holiday Escape, revealing the Secret of how to Change Your Luck!

Themes for Your Holiday Feature

  • A Singles Holidays with a Surprising Bonus
  • Using Awareness to provably Change Your Luck
  • A Holiday as an investment into your Happiness
  • Holiday Escape to Discover Your Heart’s Desire
  • You Choose Places, Activities and Therapies
  • Have Someone totally listen to you, on holiday
  • Wine Tasting, Specialist Restaurants and Coffee Vistas

Stuart Forsterformerly CEO of a leading London Design Company, has been running empowering nature holidays on Lanzarote since 1999. He realises that that the underlying desire for an escape holiday is to find lasting happiness and benefits, not just an sunny escape, to get away from stuff.  This stimulating holiday with personal tours to places of outstanding beauty offers the bonus of realising how connection with nature helps us to deal with the things that are in the way of uplift and fulfilling new directions.

In particular, you can improve what would be generally described as “Luck” by realising how it is totally of our making! Those open minded enough to see this as a possibility, will have the chance to prove it to themselves!

Escape Routine; Regain Life Clarity

Getting away from the urban routine to have dedicated time for yourself is a very positive step toward realising the changes you need to make. Rather than slip into the standard notion of an hotel holiday, it makes sense, and is of great value, to opt for a time package that offers lasting benefits. The benefit is in the intention to use the time as an enjoyable yet supportive opportunity to recuperate, relax and discover the reasons that have been obstructing the life we want. It’s not a crazy woo-woo idea. This holiday provides mentoring in techniques that aid the well-being process. The results make it clear that there are secrets to human happiness that have been kept from us!

Enjoy Sun and Connect with Nature

Pristine scenery is very uplifting especially with your personal mentor helping your awareness of realising what you need to let go of from your emotional system. When we develop an intention to feel better, that is the first step towards having it happen. You can make your life the way you want it to be, while enjoying the connection with nature. We have clean air, sun, breezes, volcanic landscapes, breath-taking views, wildlife, geology, waves, world class beaches, special vista restaurants, tapas, coffee stops

Find Eco Accommodation

With so much natural beauty, it’s a better idea to get away from the resorts and enjoy staying in natural or even wild places with so much more uplifting connection. We help you with Eco Accommodation and AirBnB rentals in amazing locations

One-to-One Mentor Guide

One-to-One, You Choose. Stuart Forster will help, support and guide you, realising your holiday preferences while offering processes to resolve life difficulties and identify new ways forward. You choose from a selection of PlacesBeachesRestaurants, Cafes, ActivitiesTherapies, Shops, Eco-AttractionsEcology and Insights

Choose your Schedule and Content

In a One-to-One situation you choose from a selection of Places, BeachesRestaurants, Cafes, Activities, Therapies, Shops, Eco-Attractions, Ecology and Insights

Life Insights and New Directions

There are many proven processes but some can be simply described, for example of Changing Your Luck, (We do create it. Fact!), The Healing of Belief, (Most people have no idea where their belief comes from or that it effects the outcome of our lives!) Deep Listening, (often by letting people talk with an empathic ear, they realise the truth of their lives. The Volcano Vortex Meditation (subtly working with the powerful earth volcanic energy) and others. Ultimately this is all about Higher Consciousness for all! Once you realise what it is and how it will transform your life for ever, it’s literally a no-brainer! Stuart can also help you devise new directions including business plans and promoting the new you!

Holiday Logistics

  • You Make Booking Enquiry for Proposed dates having chosen a Package of 1, 3 or 5 days. We help you find your required Accommodation away from tourist areas and help with flights if required. The package includes tours, chauffeur air-conditioned car and life insight mentoring. You pay flights accommodation, food and incidentals

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The holidays are very photogenic. See some of the Press Pictures Here

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