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Changing Dimensions

We are currently living in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions at the same time.

This is an excellent account from Susanne Lie about making the transition at this most exciting time!

QUOTE (and don’t be put of by Arcturian or Pleiadean references. This is part of higher consciousnesses!)

Greetings, we your Arcturian, Pleiadian, and higher expressions of your SELF, are in the process of joining with your fifth dimensional and beyond energy fields. This joining, which will occur only when you are ready, will flow into your third/fourth dimensional energy fields.

When you/we blend that which is an octave jump beyond your present resonance, with your baseline resonance of third/fourth dimensional, you will move into an entirely different operating system.

By operating system we mean that you will process reality in a different manner with your fifth dimensional operating system than you processed reality with your third/fourth […]

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Deep Ecology

Implicit in the EcoLifeWalks approach is that we replace any notion of religion or god with that of Deep Ecology, thereby treating the subject as an exploration and experience of natural law, with ourselves as a connected component.

The “ECO” component of EcoLifeWalks, is not just Ecology, although we respect all the practices and insights inspired by the notion of studying and protecting the interactions among organisms and their environment.

This frees us from dogma, inherited beliefs which may otherwise prejudice our attitude to the truth of what is. The EcoLifeWalks week is, after all, an invitation to consider and evaluate ways of experiencing life with a different overview, and coming up with conclusions which have perceivable practical benefit to the outcome of our lives.

You are invited to enjoy and feel the scenery and insights with an open mind, in a safe environment and time to audit your […]

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