Not so much about Cheap Fags or Border control,
than a momentous blow against Cabal Domination!

The social networks are buzzing with all manner of fear and lament about the result of the British EU Referendum result. It’s clear that most concern is about the fulfilment of personal trade and travel fears but there is a bigger picture emerging and its much more exciting than most people would imagine.

Unless you see this as a major event, with poignant timing, within the bigger picture, you may well be influenced by concern over lesser matters.

So what is the bigger picture? If you are influenced by the controlled mass media, you will rarely catch on to the continuing story of deceit and manipulation. To be honest, if I had not had the occasion to leave the city corporate life style, I may not have noticed either!

Having run holistic holidays in the Canary islands since 1999, I became able to realise how we have been separated from our higher consciousness potential , and since 9/11 many refused to accept the poorly constructed explanation of what happened in full view. The beauty of this bigger blue print, is that it points to a modus operandi, motivated by greed and control by the much less than 1%

It is no secret that the EU is run by an un-elected body who place a big priority on generating bureaucratic  restrictions, ultimately in favour of the military industrial complex. Not surprising then that The Brexit OUT vote Deals a Serious Blow’ To the US-EU Agreement. The fact that so many bankers and super-wealthy individuals lost millions as a result was a surprise to them. They are used to dealing with insider information that enables their deals to profit hugely. I suggest to you that a marvellous process took place powered by peoples’ awareness of the system. Its common knowledge that the voting system security is highly suspect and the operators definitely thought they had it set up for a REMAIN vote, just big enough to look convincing in the wake of known opposition!

I liked the article that stated World stunned as BREXIT appears to have achieved HUGE WIN… massive voter revolt may have finally outpaced Big Government ballot box fraud

A BREXIT victory would also mean that voter outrage somehow managed to overthrow the most deliberate ballot rigging fraud the UK has ever witnessed. EU elitists were so determined to do anything in their power to prevent BREXIT from winning that they arranged for the murder of a member of Parliament (Jo Cox) just to manipulate public opinion. It almost worked, too. Support for BREXIT plummeted after the Cox murder, which was of course followed by a deliberate, nationwide media hoax which blamed the murder on pro-BREXIT forces.

What follows should be interesting as there are other European Nations on the brink of pulling out, especially when the alternative truth is picking up speed every day. I predict that other countries will follow and then the existing system will fall apart.

Yes, this will cause immediate chaos and confusion but sometimes you have to demolish an edifice before you can replace it with a better one. Then, with the lessening of Cabal control, national needs can be compared with new agreements, based on citizen requirements, not Goldman Sachs et al.

This is happening at a time we are about to see a Global Currency Reset, the removal of the Petro dollar and the emergence of a new Banking system based on gold backing. Infact all bar the reset has already taken place!

The much neglected spiritual perspective is how the Schumann Resonance of the Earth has increased hugely, there is an awakening in personal consciousness, at least an agreed dissatisfaction the way abundance and consciousness is constrained presently. This is a time when human DNA is miraculously increasing from the basic 2 strands en route to rectifying an ancient mal-practice!

So hold tight folks. Be confident and watch events with an open mind.
If you want to explore awareness further, come on a Higher Consciousness Holiday

I reckon it makes a lot more sense when you compare to the bigger picture.

The following links  give you the larger scenario. Worth looking with an open mind! Then decide when you know the facts!

David Icke, is well informed, despite any lingering prejudice about him.

Here is his take.

And this excellent rendering from Daniel Hannan, a European Parliament member

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Ian R Crane, Excellent presentation

and the deeper spiritual perspective

Have you see the postings of new Spoof Referendum Petitions, trying to correct former unpopular decisions! Here is one example: The Battle of Hastings 1066!