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You can become Younger!

Most people think of rejuvenation in the sense of recuperation or merely feeling better. If you are open-minded you can work with your personal DNA to bring about many things, including becoming younger! Changing times are now allowing us access to this process!

Your DNA is your own sovereign possession and it is very powerful, knowledgeable and carries all your memories. In cellular terms the DNA is open to requests / instructions, each time it divides and rebuilds, iterating the effect through the whole body.

There have been unheard of changes taking place to people and planet recently. Humans and Mother Gaia share an ancient energy connection so we respond to the state of the Divine Feminine that is our Earth. Her resonance is now vibrating hugely higher than the normal 7.8Hz Schumann resonance. This, with the awakening of the group human […]

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10 fundamental facts that you probably don’t believe

but will find are TRUE before too long!

  1. Extra-terrestrials (Anunnaki) came to Earth about 450,000 years ago and are still here
  2. They created our present genetics as a labour force to mine gold
  3. They live for 1000s of years and were instrumental in setting up religions with them as Gods
  4. They can take on human bodies so as to be unrecognisable and control our governments
  5. Many of them hate humans and want to reduce our population
  6. Our Fear is a nourishing food source to some of these beings
  7. They are jealous of our advanced DNA potential which the nicer ones helped create!
  8. Fear and Debt are the main tools used to control us
  9. Our 2-strand DNA is in the process of changing to 12-strand!
  10. We now have the option to enter into 5th Dimensional Consciousness!

Fortunately the epoch of the Negative ETs is nearly over.
The one thing you can […]

10 fundamental facts that you probably don’t believe2018-12-20T11:48:06+01:00

World Perspective, June 2017

A much more exciting perspective of current politics, based on the result of the UK Election today, June 9th, 2017.


Not for the first time we have a “Hung Parliament” in the UK, defined when no political party has enough seats to secure an overall majority. For all the Conservatives have the largest number of seats, it’s a failure for the campaign of Strong and Stable Government. The morning afterwards brought two novel situations

  • Boris Johnson has not yet said anything
  • Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, proposed that Labour could operate a minority government with votes being cast on the intrinsic quality of the issues rather than the usual confrontational power politics.

The imminent need for Brexit resolution set against the backroom deals necessary to keep any consortium in power means that the legislative system is not just hung, but well hung! It presents a vivid […]

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Make Your Own Luck

“Some people have all the luck!”

Have you ever heard someone complain that others have an unfair share of luck?
They assume that there is some overseeing authority who decides to whom good fortune is apportioned!

Seriously?  Do we think that some deity can be bothered to do what it takes to grant preferential circumstances to certain people?
This is overlooking the possibility that we are all responsible for the outcome of our lives. Your religion, your school or society does not teach you this, but you can prove it’s true, just by doing the process correctly! Then having decided it IS true, you spend some time wondering how a thing as important as this is not taught as a major priority. Since it isn’t, you can safely assume that there is some over-riding authority (NOT a deity) that would prefer that you didn’t know such a liberating right! By virtue of […]

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Changing Dimensions

We are currently living in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions at the same time.

This is an excellent account from Susanne Lie about making the transition at this most exciting time!

QUOTE (and don’t be put of by Arcturian or Pleiadean references. This is part of higher consciousnesses!)

Greetings, we your Arcturian, Pleiadian, and higher expressions of your SELF, are in the process of joining with your fifth dimensional and beyond energy fields. This joining, which will occur only when you are ready, will flow into your third/fourth dimensional energy fields.

When you/we blend that which is an octave jump beyond your present resonance, with your baseline resonance of third/fourth dimensional, you will move into an entirely different operating system.

By operating system we mean that you will process reality in a different manner with your fifth dimensional operating system than you processed reality with your third/fourth […]

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BREXIT: The bigger picture

Not so much about Cheap Fags or Border control,
than a momentous blow against Cabal Domination!

The social networks are buzzing with all manner of fear and lament about the result of the British EU Referendum result. It’s clear that most concern is about the fulfilment of personal trade and travel fears but there is a bigger picture emerging and its much more exciting than most people would imagine.

Unless you see this as a major event, with poignant timing, within the bigger picture, you may well be influenced by concern over lesser matters.

So what is the bigger picture? If you are influenced by the controlled mass media, you will rarely catch on to the continuing story of deceit and manipulation. To be honest, if I had not had the occasion to leave the city corporate life style, I may not have noticed either!

Having run

BREXIT: The bigger picture

Unusual Lanzarote Rainbow

Taken in Tias, above Puerto-del-Carmen, Lanzarote, today 15th June 2016P1200383

P1200388P1200384 P1200386 P1200387


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Deep Ecology

Implicit in the EcoLifeWalks approach is that we replace any notion of religion or god with that of Deep Ecology, thereby treating the subject as an exploration and experience of natural law, with ourselves as a connected component.

The “ECO” component of EcoLifeWalks, is not just Ecology, although we respect all the practices and insights inspired by the notion of studying and protecting the interactions among organisms and their environment.

This frees us from dogma, inherited beliefs which may otherwise prejudice our attitude to the truth of what is. The EcoLifeWalks week is, after all, an invitation to consider and evaluate ways of experiencing life with a different overview, and coming up with conclusions which have perceivable practical benefit to the outcome of our lives.

You are invited to enjoy and feel the scenery and insights with an open mind, in a safe environment and time to audit your […]

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A Happy World NOW

Important Changes Coming to Light! Help make a Happy World NOW, from your heart.   Reflect peacefully tonight wherever you are with the Momentous World Meditation

We live in momentous times and we have the power, right now, to make the changes we dearly long for towards A Happy World NOW. This is not an empty promise.

Whether you realise it or not, humans are discovering that the power, of their inner feelings and intention, is an irresistible force in bringing about the removal of corruption and deception in our world. By now you should have no doubt certain factions have kidnapped the government of the planet and are holding the population in a form of virtual slavery. Yes we feel free to some extent, but ask yourself if there is room for improvement in your happiness, health, prosperity and fulfilment. If you think not then kindly return your head to the sand! You […]

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Transmutation of Earth Energy

In this time of Gamma Rays and awakening of consciousness you may well have a feeling of taking on huge energies beyond your own personal healing. This article explains how Transmutation of Earth Energy through your own system helps the whole evolution and freedom of the planet people and kingdoms.

This is Transcription in ite entirety by Dr. Kathryn E. May & Christine Burk October 6, 2015 who work from the website I was unable to find a direct web link to this material received by email so am hereby posting on my Blog


Massive Galactic Contingent Joins with Earth Lightworkers to Transmutation of Earth Energy
by Archangel Michael

A hearty hello to all our partners on Earth. I am thrilled to bring you information and developments that affect us all. I am speaking to you on behalf of your loving and devoted Company of Heaven including our Mother and Father God.
Here in the higher realms […]

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What is Wave X and 5d

Wave XThere is a lot of excitement about the energy wave, the so-called Wave X that is currently enveloping the solar system and us in particular. Here are some frequently asked questions and answer suggestions from one who has studied and practised topics about ascension and higher awareness. (STOP PRESS: I can confirm feeling amazing subtle changes since the wave energy maximised on September 28th! You have to be quiet and focus. Its not fully evident while busying about!)
What is Wave X?
Where does Wave X come from?
What does Wave X do?
What is Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (5d)?
When is Wave-X / 5d coming?
Is 5d for everyone?
What is the first Wave?
Who will be in the first wave?
How do I prepare for 5d?
How do I get into / become part of 5d?



What is Wave X?

The band of cosmic energy […]

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5d Consciousness

5d consciousness Entering Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

5d consciousness is fifth dimensional consciousness Exciting news. The Solar system is going through a beam of cosmic gamma rays that have the effect of raising our consciousness to the 5th dimension for all those who are able to raise their vibration to align with it. The benefit and joy potential is immense.

EcoLifeWalks can help you prepare for alignment with fifth dimensional (5d) consciousness. Your host Stuart Forster has spent a decade working on higher consciousness


It is within the potential of any human to decide to access the domain of higher consciousness

The route to doing this involves having an inner motivation to do so and a preparedness to modify the belief system

The belief system has been systematically manipulated for thousands of years but the conditions are now right to prepare for this transformation

The Healing […]

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Detox Retreat Holiday in Lanzarote

TourPlaces 120

“Detox Retreat Holiday: the conventional approach may only be a superficial fix, to generate a sense of well-being which does not last long, after you return to your regular life style”

This is the time of the year when we become aware of our indulgent state after the Holiday excesses. Once Boxing Day arrives it’s almost standard practice to look for the Best Detox Retreat, the Best Detox Clinic, or combine into a Holiday Retreat, thus our subject, the Detox retreat Holiday. While a Detox Holiday is a very good idea, the times have changed as to our understanding of how best a Cleansing Retreat can work. Certainly booking in at Detox Spa, ideally in the sun, is a great start towards our New Year’s Resolution. To clean up our act and feel better, healthy eating regime with Detox and Massage […]

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A Different Holiday

Some times you feel the need for a Different Holiday. You’ve done the beach holiday, spa holiday, health farm, yoga holiday,  Club Med, Club 18-45, Singles holidays, unusual holidays abroad painting and photography holidays and the list goes on. EcoLifeWalks  is a different holiday.

Come for as long as you like on a flexible programme. You can see what its all About here. The time is totally dedicated to you on your agenda and is intent in giving you lasting benefits , not just a nice sun tan. Stuart Forster has spent a decade running holistic holidays on Lanzarote and knows all the great places that tourists never find. There are lots of chats at coffee vistas and special restaurants.

What makes this a really different holiday is the inclusion of Life Insights alongside the activities. Its a bit like a life […]

A Different Holiday

Trip to La Graciosa

Trip to GraciosaLa Graciosa is an island very close to Lanzarote, part of the Chinijo archipelago. A Trip to Graciosa is well worth while if you are coming to Lanzarote!



A Trip to Graciosa has always been the highlight of every week’s holiday I’ve been party to guiding. The island is a gem; only a 30 minute boat ride from Orzola in the north of Lanzarote yet offering access to fabulous unspoilt volcanic terrain and world class beaches!

The boat docks at Caleta de Sebo where you have instant access to restaurants and Cycle Hire. The 2 boat companies also have offices there so you can make sure of your return journey time. Missing the boat back wouldn’t be a hardship as there is plenty of accommodation available outside public holidays and it is an enchanting place to stay.



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Life Change Retreat Holiday

Life Change Retreat Holiday

EcoLifeWalks originally was formerly called a Life Change Retreat holiday the term was confusing as some people thought that Life change was to do with menopause and that a retreat was an extension of a catholic seminary!!

Of course this site is concerned with the process of making your life better by realising that we do create our lives as a function of our emotional energy. It is certainly retreat, insofar as the notion of escaping, away from our standard routine to a place of relaxation and healing is a very good idea.

It’s a rose by any other name! See what we’re about at EcoLifeWalks

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What is Happiness?

What is Happiness?  Happiness is not about getting what we want. It’s about appreciating what we have!
What is Happiness?

Don’t get the wrong idea. There is nothing wrong with getting want you want, in fact life is supposed to be a continuing series of chapters wherein we do get what we want, forever updating our requirements.

It’s just that, as a way of getting what we want, focussing on what we haven’t got doesn’t work. The manifestation process is based on how we use our emotional energy in concert with a particular wish. To have that wish come about, we need to emulate the feeling of how we would feel when that wish comes true. Admittedly it’s not something we have been familiar with doing and it does seem a bit like putting the cart before the horse. […]

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Why We Go on Holiday

A decade ago, people used to be looking for all sorts of holidays to recover from their lifestyles. There wasn’t a standard name so they looked for holistic holidays, therapy holidays, certainly yoga holidays, with singles holidays, beach holidays, walking holidays, women traveling alone holidays, even recuperation and relaxing holidays. These were people who are old enough to know what city stress is all about and were intent on their antidote for the job and full-on lifestyle.

Their main reason was to recover from what they had done themselves, coupled with the original holiday notions of escaping to the sun, sitting on a beach, meeting new friends. Formerly the holiday motivation of 20 year olds would be fun, parties, booze, sex, suntan and generally having a blast. I’m sure we all remember the full blast hedonistic holidays that needed another […]

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David Cameron Lanzarote Jellyfish Encounter

We heard recently that a swimmer has recovered from an ordeal having sustained a nasty shock in confronting a dangerous object in Lanzarote waters. Apparently David Cameron is also none-the-worse.

pelagia noctiluca Cameron Jellyfish
UK Prime Minister David Cameron, on holiday in Lanzarote in the Canary islands experienced a sting from the pelagia noctiluca jellyfish on the beach at Arietta. The jelly fish appear in great numbers at this time of the year and apparently Mr Cameron was warned. We are not aware of the state of the jellyfish, but imagine it was similarly shocked! “It was quoted to have said, “Out of thousands of tourists, just my luck”

sting of the pelagia noctiluca jellyfish Example of sting of the pelagia noctiluca jellyfish

The beached jelly […]

David Cameron Lanzarote Jellyfish Encounter2018-12-20T11:48:09+01:00

Film Location Services Lanzarote

Are you considering filming in Lanzarote, Canary Islands,
and need help with Venues, Locations, Facilities and Services?

I’m Stuart Forster, a Brit who has lived on Lanzarote for 15 years and knows it, and the adjacent island of La Graciosa, very well. My business experience is also very broad.

My regular business, is as a personal guide and life change coach, but in the course of that I cover many splendid locations of waves, volcanoes, clifftop walks, wildlife. There is a range of interesting architecture and of course cafes, tapas bars and restaurants.

I have thousands of landscape and seascape pictures of Lanzarote and other islands, see some below.

My rates are reasonable and I am flexible.

If you think I can help you, please contact me directly

Stuart Forster
Tel […]

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Aggravated Trespass

Is Aggravated Trespass another phrase for Drilling for Oil in an Arctic Biosphere

Greenpeace UK        ✔ @GreenpeaceUK  The 6 #iceclimb-ers arrested “on suspicion of aggravated trespass” We’ll keep you updated. Pls send msgs of support”
uote from Twitter


Greenpeace Climbers on tehLondon Shard Protest against Shell Oild

Well, it’s to be expected, I suppose, You can’t just have members of the public scaling buildings. They may fall off and hurt someone! Of course, the bigger perspective is not about being technically against the law. The people against whom this protest is against, are  fundamentally allied to the law making politicians, funded and controlled by the corporatocracy who harvest the kingdoms of the earth, for their own elite purposes.

Like the other whistle-blowers in the news, citizens are forced to choose between breaking dubious laws in the […]

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What in the World is going on?

Update as at 11:11 2014
See posts from my forthcoming book “Would You Believe It?!”

We have come to a tipping point where by a combination of happenings have evolved to the point that momentous changes are about to happen, literally any day. I have been researching this for over 2 decades and thought I would never see the day when so much promises to be evolving. Here are some bullet points. More details are available on the EcoLifeWalks trips, according to your interest level!

Our DNA has been updating ever since 21/12/2012. It didn’t feel any different except that, like in between a computer operating system update, the old one isn’t working and you need a total reboot to get the new one to start up. We’re still in limbo before the reboot!

The secrets of the government deceptions have started to become evident and less people are labelling those who are […]

What in the World is going on?2018-12-20T11:48:10+01:00

The Hawaiian Practice of Ho’oponopono

Renewed interest in Ho’oponopono, based on the man who healed a criminally insane hospital wing, without meeting any of the inmates!


Nalamaku Morrnah Simeona Morrnah Simeona There has been an upsurge of interest in Ho’oponopono recently, The Hawaiian healing practice based on, literally, “making things right”. While forms of Ho’oponopono have been used in Polynesia from time immemorial, The traditional Hawaiian forgiveness and reconciliation process was previously re-popularised by Morrnah Simeona, photo left, a Hawaiian kahuna lapaʻau (healer).

Dr Hew Len Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len The latest Ho’oponopono hybrid has come to the fore after the publicity about Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, photo, left. Dr Hew Len was appointed staff psychologist in the forensic unit for the criminally insane, in the Hawaii State Hospital […]

The Hawaiian Practice of Ho’oponopono2018-12-20T11:48:10+01:00

Feel Better by Watching this Video

Waves and the power of the ocean have a hypnotic effect. Just by taking a couple of minutes and focusing on this video, you will quieten your mind and stop the accumulation of pollution that excess thinking can bring about. Whenever we realise that our well-being is being affected by our mindfulness then we can do something about it. It’s only by exercising this awareness that we can do something about the problem. By clearing the mind and dwelling on a sense of beauty that there is inherent in nature, a different state of being emerges, where we are conscious of all things in our centre, rather than just being a clearing house for recurring mind and memory activity that obscures the jewels available to us in our natural inspiration.
Click on the Cog Icon, when hovering mouse at bottom right of frame, to render the video in higher quality