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Stuart Forster Holistic Experience
  • The Mystery of The Mayan Calendar and 2012,
  • Quantum Life Change Training in Hawaii with Cardell Smith.
  • 12 Years of Yoga Training.
  • Yoga Therapy Convention in Los Angeles with Gary Kraftsow et al
  • Research into Music Tuning Systems and Vibrational Healing,
  • Shamanic Workshops with Olivia Zachariades,
  • Family Hellinger Constellations with Stephen Victor,
  • Australian Bush Flower Healing with Ian White.
  • Sacred Geometry of Cyprus:
  • Dowsing with Tom Graves.
  • Sacred Sound Course on Mongolian Overtone Chanting
  • Didgeridoo Healing Sound Workshop.
  • Colour Healing Therapy.
  • Crystal Healing with Harry Oldfield,
  • Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull Presentation with Cris Winter
  • The Gatekeepers, Landscape Temples
  • Travel and Holistic Research: Hall of Records in Giza and the Temples of Egypt,
  • Sound Healing discoveries in Saqqara.
  • Sacred Sites of Israel.
  • Healing Retreats in Iona, Hebrides.
  • Spent time with Hopi Indians in Arizona.
  • Research Anasazi in Chaco Canyon New Mexico.
  • Attended Kirshna Murti’s Last Lecture in Switzerland
  • Landscape Temples of Ireland
  • The Cheviot Zodiac;
  • Retreats at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre.
  • Francis Bacon Research Trust
  • Founded Mutual Music, a holistic business System.
  • Community Website with Barnes Community Association.
  • Computer Music Composition. (Bach to the Future!)
  • Lanzarote Landscape Photography.
  • Part of Lanzarote Parliament International Team in Defence of Biospheres against Oil Drilling

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