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Stuart Forster has operated Life Changing Holistic Holidays, Spiritual Retreats and Escapes on Lanzarote since 1999 and is passionate about the connection of human well-being and our appreciation of natural beauty. He aims to share Lanzarote’s biospheres within the one-to-one programme of experiences which includes  Life Enhancing Insights and Processes all To Your Level, as we visit sensational places. A qualified musician at heart, he has developed a powerful process of Belief Healing.

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Stuart knows the unspoiled parts of Lanzarote and La Graciosa, as well as all the stops for cups, sips and dins! Apart from helping clients of EcoLifeWalks and courses in the UK he is also a computer consultant and a fervent member of the Lanzarote Jam Session Band.  He is an authority on the history of human manipulation and the suppression of consciousness from ancient times to the present.

Having lived outside the urban corporate model for over a decade in favour of a holistic life style, Stuart has had time to explore aspects of extending consciousness which in turn raised questions as to why this most important aspect of human potential is not featured in most media, religions and belief systems. It led him to working on a book called “Would You Believe It?!” which is coming out soon. The book is a fascinating insight into how we have been deceived, and deprived largely by fiendishly clever manipulation of our belief system within a hostile economic slavery model. If this surprises you, then I rest my case!

Originally from the North East of England, Stuart’s first love was, and still is music, having studied Piano to Grade VIII and Organ at York Minster. His first job was with International Computers and fulfilled a number of international marketing roles, leaving corporate employment as marketing manager of Interiors International to set up his own wallpaper and fabric design and distribution company. He sold Interior Selection after it had worldwide distribution and gained the House & Garden prize for the best new merchandise.