Spiritual Singles Holiday

with one-to-one attention and guided tours

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Spiritual SIngles Holiday

Lanzarote SIngles Holiday












This is a Lanzarote Singles Holiday for people travelling alone whoare curious to find out more about spiritual getaways. You are totally looked after on this spiritual retreat / Life Coaching Holiday and entertained, driven to chosen places on their chosen schedule, with 40 hours mentoring / companionship during the 5 day course

Stuart Forster has operated spiritual retreat holidays in Lanzarote for over a decade with clients originally looking for singles holidays, yoga holidays, holistic holidays, spa holidays health farm holidays and the rest.  If you need to be on your own, or your travelling partner can’t make it, this spiritual retreat holiday will suit you since it offers the following benefits


  • A Holiday of fun, recuperation and discovery
  • Perfect to come on your own. Safe, You will be looked after.
  • One-to-one arrangement or Two-for-one deal
  • Personal Time to relax with choice of activities
  • Companionship and Personal Guide for the duration, 1, 3 or 5 days
  • Personal Chauffeur, 8 hours a day attention
  • You are collected from your accommodation each day and brought back at the end
  • No worry about driving and navigating
  • Air Conditioned car
  • Help with Shopping, water, any self catering stuff
  • Someone who will listen to you. Deep Listening Technique
  • Consultation in choice of trips and places
  • Avoid the tourists and their locations
  • Discover the unspoiled Lanzarote Biosphere
  • We take in Special Cafes
  • And wonderful restaurants with great views
  • Visits to Eco Architecture of Cesar Manrique
  • Frequent easy flights
  • Short transfers by taxi

What I’m getting to, is that, if you are a spiritual single, or you are intrigued to find your spirituality on your own, then there is a whole different scenario available to you. I have been working on ways to feel happier and more fulfilled in life for several decades and have run holistic holidays on a desert island, for people travelling alone, for the last 12 years. I know what people look for in that situation. They type in “I need a holiday”, “holidays for singles”, “spa holiday” or even “holidays for couples” . These days, people know enough to realise that “yoga holiday” or “holistic Holiday” can be a fun escape with kindred spirits in beautiful places, plus the well-being you take home lasts longer than the tan!




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