Winter Sun Holiday

alternative to skiing, with fascinating options

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Winter Sun HolidayThinking about a winter sun holiday escape for 2016 to avoid those dark nights with rain and gloom all around. You may prefer the Canary Islands sun to a ski holiday where you may have poor snow and not much sun!!

Winter sun is not just about a ski holiday or a trip to the Caribbean Islands. Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands is very accessible from northern Europe with directs flights to Lanzarote from most major airports. Further more, Autumn and winter time are the best months to come to  as the weather is not too hot, but usually very sunny with our Saharan Climate. Check Out the unbeatable Two for One deal!

Lanzarote has fantastic beaches and loads to see with in a samll area. Its not touristy away from the three main resorts and you will see things here which are totally unique, such as the creations of Cesar Manrique , The Manrique Foundation, Mirador del Rio, The Cactus Garden and Jameos del Agua.

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You may be expecting a sunny winter holiday but could end up changing your life as well!!