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The highest form of ignorance is in rejecting something you know nothing about. Dr Wayne Dyer

What if you are wrong to, without realising, automatically reject things that may be true?
Then you could be missing out on opportunities that can majorly add to your growth, abundance, happiness, and more.
It could be well worth your while to reconsider?

We are not recommending that you become gullible or stop being skeptical. It would be foolish to take everything at total face value. However, there is an in between zone whereby we consciously place an idea or a suggestion in a notional pending tray and allow a trial period or observation to see if there is any truth in the idea.

After all, we don’t know everything, but in the process of life, we do accumulate beliefs, and these are often put in place, informally, during our formative years, when we take things for granted from parents, friends, schools, churches etc. Quite often we make invalid conclusions about things, when we are very young, and in the absence of any conscious update, they become our beliefs which then extend to a series of thoughts and expectations about situations. We rarely allow ourselves the opportunity to explore our beliefs and we are unaware how incomplete or even erroneous assumptions, filed early in life, govern our reaction to learning and progress in our lives.

  • Your Beliefs affect the outcome of your life
  • This still works, (though probably negatively) even if you don’t believe it
  • Being open to the possibility this has tremendous benefits
  • You will know when it works for you!


What if you are Wrong?!

When it comes to considering some of the assertions you will find in these pages, they may well not sit easily with some of the beliefs you may have taken on earlier in life. The irony of the situation is that one major truth asserts that our beliefs are instrumental in deigning the outcome of our lives. No-one can be blamed for thinking this is rubbish, as rarely in our families, schools societies is this explained to us, even though it well recorded in ancient wisdom, spiritual teachings. If you react automatically by saying, “No that’s rubbish” you may never get to test the truth for yourself. The Life Insights within EcoLifeWalks will provide scientific proof that our thoughts, feelings emotions, via our DNA inter-react with the universe at fundamental energy level. This is widely known and lived by millions but rarely offered in mainstream media. Of course there HAS been a conspiracy throughout history to stop humans from taking up their power, freedom and fulfillment! You may not believe this but WHAT IF YOU ARE WRONG! These days the facts are available online and in new media. You can do the research for yourself (or come on our course and find out the quick way!)

The Acid Test
The acid test is, you can use awareness, consciousness and inner energies to bring about the things you want in life. If you do “what it says on the tin” you can prove it to yourself. Once you gradually realise that you can change the incidence and quality of what comes into your life, you will have no doubt, and no-one will talk you out of it. Besides anyone who has really done what it takes to try it, will agree with you. The danger is in “thinking” you are using awareness and emotion, but in fact are not using the feeling system properly. If you try it without accessing your upbeat feelings you will not get a positive result. Then you will really fudge your belief system and probably never try it again. You have to do it properly in order to get the results, which themselves will give you the proof you need. Its like using your computer to get information online and not having the WiFi connected properly. You may say the process does not work, but you have not given it a fair trial.

In something as massively beneficial as being able to manifest what you want in life, it is certainly worth having an open mind, and learning how to change the way you operate. It may not be instant but well worth persevering. The benefits are infinite; happiness and fulfillment in your life.

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