Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the Weather like in Lanzarote?

It’s an arid Saharan Climate so sunny all the year round. Sometimes breezy, never humid

What’s the weather like in Winter?
The Canarian winter is one of the best times to come, as it is still very summery but not too hot. There can be occasional rainfall in the winter although the norm is blue sky with intermittent fluffy clouds. It can be cooler in the evenings, but you can still sit outside with a warm top.

Are flights included?
Flights are not included in our price. It is more convenient for our clients to choose their dates, times and departure points (both in the UK and Europe)

Where do I fly to?
There is only one airport in Lanzarote, Arrecife (the capital) often simply listed as “Lanzarote”. Look for either name in on-line search list. The flight code is ACE

How do I find flights?
There are many web-based flight services but Skyscanner is amongst the best, serving all countries. Most major European airports have direct flights to Lanzarote

Which day do I arrive?
Traditionally we start the 5-day programme on a Friday as overall there are more flights to Lanzarote from the UK on a Thursday. However you can arrive any day by arrangement for the 1, 3 or 5 day versions.

I want to stay longer than a few days
Good idea. It works well to arrive a few days before your package, as, from experience, we find that it takes at least 3 days to wind down and relax. By the same token, its useful if you can stay on after your package to get used to addressing life differently, before you go back to your busy life.

For whom are the Courses?
Anyone who is open minded, feel or believe that there must be more to life, prepared to suspend disbelief, feels the need to change, not on heavy medication, addiction or depression. You must be able to, or be prepared to try to, access your feeling system! See Who Comes

Do I need to prepare before I come?
Not necessarily, but some people like to check out the reading list we supply and get into some of the course content before-hand

What’s Included?
See the List here

Do I need to be experienced in Yoga?
No previous yoga experience is necessary, and we wont do yoga if you don’t want to. Stuart includes yoga for beginners and intermediates, tailored to the detail of the Life Insights

I‘m not sure about the Life Insights part. Does this have to be included?
Everything is optional. You set you own agenda. Stuart believes that the Life Insights are the bonus to the whole package, but respects your choice and belief system. If you are curious, you can ask on various topics, and as ever, it’s up to you about how far we go in whatever subject. However it is a good opportunity to explore some material you may not have heard about before. There is do dogma or religion. It’s all about exploring truths in life that can work for you, as you see fit!

Health Situation?

Make sure you tell us about any medical conditions and have any relevant permission from your Doctor

Will I be OK on my own?
This course is designed for people travelling alone and who wish to have their own space. You will have 8 hours a day guidance, care and attention. This way the benefit of the packages, in the optional listening and mentoring can best apply, since you are the sole recipient and set your own agenda. If you want to come with a friend, you can halve the cost through the Two-for-One deal.

What do the courses cost?
The prices of the various options are summarised here

What about accommodation?
We provide the package and you book your own accommodation. There are some suggestions on the accommodation page.

Where is the course held?
The Life Insights and Programme take place wherever we decide, sometimes at your base, often in cafes and restaurants and most often at various landscape places, out and about.

How do I get to the hotel?
Most accommodation options are a short taxi drive from the aiport

What about Food?
Course price does not include food or accommodation and facilities will vary depend on where you decide to stay. Stuart will help you.

Will I need a car?
Stuart drives you to all the places so no need for a car during the programme. Should you wish to stay longer he will help you find a good deal.

What if I have further questions?
Ask a Question online or Speak to Stuart on +34 636 849 474 or email to

How Do I Book?
Visit our Bookings Page. Make a Booking Enquiry

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