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Testimonial on Ecolifewalks by Michael Toppin, Film Director



“If you are looking for a holiday which allows you the luxury to think about yourself over everything else, which teaches you how to free your mind and how to realise all your dreams whilst at the same time enjoying the most amazing sights and sounds of Lanzarote then this definitely ticks all the boxes. Stuart Forster is a great host and facilitator of Ecolifewalks and Lanzarote’s beautiful raw landscapes came as a wonderful surprise. Loved every minute!”
HW, London


I have to say that my Eco Life Walks week was much more than I ever imagined. I had been to Lanzarote before so I knew it had some nice places but I was really astonished at the extent of the beauty and variety. Stuart knows all the best places. But the best part by far, was the “life change”. (I don’t know what else to call it?) I was apprehensive, initially, not sure where it was going and how long it was going to take up from my site seeing, but Stuart made it really interesting. His generousity in support enabled me to have discussions about important issues I never knew I had, not just in the discussion time bit also while we were out walking. There is something about the beauty of the scenery and the sense of pristine-ness (is that a word) that made the whole process natural and I now feel very different; empowered even. I would recommend this week to anyone who feels stuck and likes to get out in nature. I would have been satisfied with either the trips or the process but both exceeded my expectations.  JW, Cheltenham

What a fascinating week. I have to admit not knowing what I was in for, but somehow it felt right to go for the Ecolifewalks week. In fact on that alone I’m delighted how my intuition was correct. This course was just what I needed, and the holiday with its great locations and fantastic eating places was even a bonus. Thank you Stuart. Carry on the good work! RS, Woking

This has to be experienced to be believed. I had no idea how my attitude to life was getting in the way of my prosperity and relationships. I had heard about the law of Attraction and all that, but Stuart made it very real and understandable, especially with some of the scientific explanations. I’m now able to live my life differently and the results are very exciting. It was well worth the money to make my life different. I may well come back next year for a top up. I actually enjoyed learning about how life works and am even becoming less angry about why I was never told all this before. Thank you Stuart and Ecolifewalks! SS, Guildford

Thanks Stuart, that was a great week. I feel so different and buoyant. My sense of expectancy of good things is alive and well for the first time. I get up each morning feeling excited about my life. My friends can’t understand it! You will probably see one of them soon. She is thinking of coming! AC, Edinburgh.

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